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Where to get those foam frame glass things LOL

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Wow heckuva a title heh? Say it 5 times fast :D.

Anyways since it appears my little side love from Luftwaffe items are East Front Medals I was curious where I can get one of those nice display frames you guys show? Where it has foam on the inside so you can just pin the lid over it? TIA and all the best, Jonathan

P.S. whats the name of them?

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Riker mounts were not (and given corner-cutting recently ARE not) good for LONG TERM storage. Oh sure, for temporary display, or moving things for sale at shows, but not to KEEP items in.

I had these back when Johnson was president:

by the end of the Carter penultimate-pit years, they left "sweat" imprints of anything hanging in them for 10+ years on the inside of the glass...

kind of clear Shroud of Turin imagery (I still have one that reads "Deutsche Reichsbahn" in the glass from an armband long gone...


went nasty, nasty used cigarette filter These Are Your Lungs On Nicotine TEA color--in a non-smoking household out in the deep piney woods. :Cat-Scratch:

So in PART of an Average Human Lifetime, anything placed in one "permanently" is going to corrode, fade, or leach.

I have everything locked away in certified inert archival wrapping tissue (and at now 30+ years old since I bought a roll, NO problems).

NOT easy to get at. NOT any use at all for display. But lessons learned the hard way.

Another is NEVER to use commercioal Kleenex or paper towel to wrap things in except moving Point A to Pont B and then REMOVING said items on arrival. It isn't soft-and-safe. It'll suck the finish right off old medals, and dessicate silk ribbons to Revenge of the Mummy powder.

I know. :unsure::speechless1: :catjava:

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Thank you very much Rick! My friend Chris also warned me to the dangers of the stuffing that is in these puppies, he said his museum conservator friend recommends plain old fleece, (with no additives etc) as it repels moisture, doesnt release the harmful chemicals your describing etc. Thanks for the heads up! Its a shame you had to learn this the hard way but its a great asset to me to be able to learn from the mistakes. All the best, Jonathan

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That'd depend on whether they were Border collies or sheeeeeeeeeeeeep dogs. Imagine a wall being "herded!" :unsure:

The Catatollah (1993-2005) maintained a lifelong :blush: "relationship" (despite being neutered--I shudder to think what he'd have been like UNfixed!!!) :rolleyes: with a 1930s mock-mink ladies' neck "scarf" wrap-- the long weasly kind with little glass eyes, mock leather feet, and a clip "mouth" that fastened on the tail...

:unsure: while it HAD a tail! :speechless1:

(After Slinky Minky had been worn away to NOTHING he took to partially eating tree voles instead.)

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