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Building a Display Cabinet. What to use? Help

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:unsure:I was looking through the threads in this site area and did not see anything that directly answers my questions. I am planning on building a cabinet similar to an old newspaper type setter?s cabinet to house my medal collection, many wide, thin drawers. I have my collection individually stored in those plastic sleeve things and do not want them there too long.

Ok, now the questions :blush: . What type of wood (cedar ?) should I use in the cabinet? What do I use as a floor mat for each drawer (no Riker padding) so the medals do not slide around when opened? I have been on the lookout for a dental cabinet but no luck in my area. I have a neighbor who is a professional cabinet maker to help me. I am asking the GMIC experts in this area as I want to do it right the first time. Any help would be great guys and gals. Thank you ahead of time :P .

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