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Iron Roland

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or a post WW2 version?

most of these are encountered in iron or zinc. here's one that is made of bronze. the blackened finish is nearly gone. the badge is well struck and the details are exceptional--much better than the zinc and most of the iron examples. i must say that i am intrigued by this one..


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If the theory is that bronze was for navy guys then the ferrous finish theory s a no go. If you go to all the trouble making a badge that won't rust then why put a rusting finish on it?

thanks for bringing that point up, don. shortly after typing that comment i realized my lapse in logic, so last night i took a much closer look at the reddish spot in question. it was in fact a thin old patch of adhesive (price tag) that had turned a crusty black and red--prolly from interacting with the metal.

it came right off with a little water and a razor blade!

it also appears as if this badge may originally have had a pin attached by a plate that was centered in the middle of the planchet.

perhaps it originally had one of those super-sized safety pins instead of what is on it now?

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