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Mystery(to me) doc

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While cataloging my miscellaneous docs I came across this. Don't even know if it's military related, as the stamp is from Schl?chtern, maybe corporate? Might just be a mouse catching receipt :rolleyes: I can make out 3 June 1864 and maybe 80 Gulden, but that's about it. Any help would be more than welcome.

If it doesn't belong here feel free to move it or scrap it.

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Eekies! :speechless1: If that was any more slanted, it would be FLAT!

Anyway, first pass down to the stamp =

"18 written eighteen Gulden of entry money ("Einzugsgeld" =??) are for the bride of Andreas M?ller from the ......book of (Modlas?) in Bavaria for this community's cashbox ("Gemeindenkasse") paid, which is certified.

Uttrichshausen, 3rd June 1864

The Mayor

(Gayl?/ Jost?)"

The P.S. bit below that is even worse, something about a receipt ("Quittung") by mail... and he's signed his title and name again.

I've got a folder full of the complicated paperwork by which an 1880s German civil servant of Major equivalence had to receive--literally--his retired civil servant Sergeant-Major equivalent father's PERMISSION to re-marry, with all the accompanying police reports and village attestations of character from mayors and constables and church wardens. :rolleyes:

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From the variant translations in my disintegrating 1897 German-English dictionary it could be a tax/fee for moving into a new house. Anyhow, sounds like it belongs in the lounge. Moving tax waived :cheeky:

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