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I just wanted to share a miniature Godet chain that I particulary like. The Decorations isn't the rarest ones, but I just like the grouping. All Orders is silver gilted, but of a much better quality than mostly seen for these non gold items.

Any info about an eventual receipient would be highly appreciated.

Regards, Lars

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This APPEARS to be the group of Inf Rgt 54 Oberstleutnant aD Franz REUTER, born Halle i/W 30 April 1842, alive in Berlin 1908.

He has listed his Bavarian Military Merit Order by the OLD "Knight 1st" abbreviation ("BMV3a") which in 1908 was the NEW designation for the Officer Class-- something he could never have received. He is also listed as having a Red Eagle 4, not 3rd with Bow.

I am confused--my experience does not pre-date circa 1900-- by the Schaumburg Lippe Honor Cross, which appears to me to be a 4th Class, and yet he received a 3rd Class 21.9.77 as K.P. Premierlieutenant und Bezirks Adjutant, Paderborn. If the design changed in 1890, then that class is correct here.

Nobody else even comes close to matching the rest of his awards, that I am aware of.

We will publish the Schaumburg Lippe Honor Cross 1869-1918 and Arts & Sciences Order 1899-1918 award Rolls and many many more awards of Lippe Detmold 1816-1918 early next year.

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Hi Rick, thank you for the effort. To me it seems to be the 4th class as well after having consulted my specialized litterature of Schaumburg Lippe (basically the various Thies cataloques!). So as I understand your conclusion it could have been Franz Reuter, but as he apparently had a higher grade this could still be a mystery. The chain looks original to me, meaning I don't suspect that any Orders have been changed by a previous owner.

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It is always possible that the wearer was NOT listed in the 1908 Orders Almanac. Other than that, I have no reference sources for 1870 veterans before the 1890 Rank List, so this man could "fall through the cracks" of what I have ofr references. I have no ability to verify 1870 groups except those.

Schaumburg's award Rolls are horrid. Not at all nice like Detmold's. :catjava:

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