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Branch of service ribbon ID if possible


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Gordon, Hunyadi and fellow members,

I wonder if you could help with this query on the colour of a ribbon.

Shown below, is first of all the image from Gordon of the Medal in question.

This has the Police, Border Guards and Military Police version of the ribbon.

The second image shows the same medal with a different ribbon along with an Order of Labour Merit.

Any idea which branch of service this ribbon denotes?

Thanks in advance, regards Eddie

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Looks to be the same Karhatalom Servcie Medal - the ribbon color is just off due to the exposure / flash / angle of the ribbon. As previously stated in other threads that Karhatalom was the armed branch of the State Security Police - AVH. They were not fully disbanded untill the 1970's

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Thanks Hunyadi,

Rick, sorry that's the only photo that was posted, I'm not even sure if it is on a uniform or not.

The original post was way back in 2006 (Sov-awards), the query being the diagonal black looking stripe on red ribbon. A new post in the thread mentioned the fact that different branches had various colours of ribbon on the same medal, however I couldn't find a matching one like this.

Thanks again ;) ,

Regards Eddie

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Two things.

1-Way back when these first three medals were posted we were unclear as to what the Karhatalom were hence the ribbon was identified as "military police" which it is not. Since then more research has confirmed what the Karhatalom were and that this ribbon on this medal was awarded to them. There is virtually nothing in print on this organization and it is only the accumulated knowledge of the last few years that has provided us with some answers.

2-I suspect the second picture that you posted is the ribbon for the Karhatalom and it is just bad photography that seems to indicate there is yet another ribbon for this particular medal.



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