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hiya doc,

there are a wide range of these types or regimental crosses. as far as i know, the five major variarions were; treu dem regiment, treu der division, treu dem battaillon, treu dem marine. the were two forms of cross design as well. this is the later, or newer form i think.

many types of ribbon were used, and of course each military entity had it's own unique clasp/insignia to attach to the ribbon.

if i recall correctly, claudio is somewhat of an authority on these crosses. perhaps he can elaborate further...or you can do a search for threads he has previously commented on.


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Hi everybody!

Actually it's my brother who collect these; the only catalogue who mention these Weimar Era Veterans' self awarded vanity awards it's Niemann's, under the title "Regimental Commemorative Cross of the former German Army" (DN 2.02.22). There were several types, the one pictured showed at the beginning of this thread by Eric, it's a Bavarian type cross (see Bavarian coat of arms on the reverse medallion and the unit's description).

Here I show you a cross from another Region... Braunschweig (Hannover).



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Another two Bavarian Cross but with the Imperial eagle medallion... sorry for the bad photos, but digital camera sucks for detailed pictures... The swords pointing downwards it's correct; it means an armed conflict (war) lost.

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Nice pieces-

remember when they used to be ignored?

Tony Colson would have loved this thread.

Thank you Ulsterman. Going through this thread, I was thinking the same

thing when I came to your post. Tony had to have had one of the finest

collections of regimental crosses and veteran's association pins ever put


It is a shame that so much of his research was left unpublished.

To Tony and his memory! :beer:

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Thanks Chip!

I have more. I bought a roll of undeveloped film @ 10 years ago of an as yet unidentified local vets reunion @ 1930. Lots of the men are wearing no medals, but about 40% were wearing something or other. There were a surprising number of Alfons badges.

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Is it right that this medal is some kind a unofficial 100th years of the 14th Bavaria Inf. Reg. medal?


There are lots of these examples around from various regiments. Moss date around 1913. Some a little earlier. Basically the regiments had an authority to issue their own medals - these relate to the 25, 50 0r 100 year birthdays of the regiments. The 1913 period had particular significance in Prussia, because this related to the war of liberation '1813'. I do recall/ think seeing a photo (I cant find my copy!) in the introductory section of Charles WoolleyUniforms & Equipment of the Imperial German Army 1900-1918

where there is a full page shot of a retired Dragoon NCO - and there looks like a 100 yr medal & bow is pinned following the ribbon bar.

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The subject of regimental medals is a vast one in itself and deserves a separate thread, should there be enough interest. I think many of these subjects have been covered in the past, but those old threads may well be on the WA forum from the days before this one became so popular and many of the most knowledgeable members moved here.


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