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NCO'S and Unattached Lists

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I have posted this elsewhere but I am curious to hear from other members that may have such medals in their collections and to what their experience has been in researching them.

I ask this as I had a wild hair and won an ALSGC to such an individual and I am now looking to learn what I can about his service. The following is what I have learned through some internet research.

Unattached List - NCOs - Indian Army Name given after 1859 to the special cadre of European NCOs who served extra-regimentally in the Indian Army - they were employed mainly in the Ordnance, Commissariat and Public Works Departments but also in a number of minor departments and in various miscellaneous posts. The Unattached List replaced the former EIC Town Major's List/Effective Supernumeraries. NCOs on the Unattached List were, after 1859, recruited solely from NCOs of British Army regiments stationed in India and could be remanded to their parent regiments in cases of incompetence and/or misconduct. A soldier on the Unattached List only became fully part of the Indian Army if and when subsequently promoted to the warrant officer rank of Sub-Conductor.


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