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Marine Stationed on Okinawa Receives The Order Of The Rising Sun.

Richard LaTondre

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A Marine stationed on Okinawa was recently awarded the Order of the Rising Sun:

Marine on Okinawa Receives Japan?s Oldest Award

Okinawa, Japan-based Marine combat correspondent Lance Corporal Monty Burton reported that Colonel Danny L. Melton was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun at the Ground Staff Office Ministry of Defense in Tokyo, July 11th. It was presented by Japanese General Ryoichi Oriki, Japan Ground Self Defense Force chief of staff. Melton won the award for his distinguished service in building positive relations between the Japan Ground Self Defense Force and the U.S. Marine Corps during his time as the main attach? at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo. Melton is now the assistant chief of staff for community policy and planning, Marine Corps Base Camp Butler, Okinawa.

The Order of the Rising Sun is Japan?s oldest award, first instituted in 1875, and is awarded to foreigners, both military and civilian, who have made outstanding contributions to promote foreign relations with Japan. Other Marines who have had this prestigious honor bestowed include the 33rd Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Michael W. Hagee, and General Peter Pace, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


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Here's a pic of Col Melton receiving the medal . . . looks like the third class


Thanks David. As you probably already know, Japan is one of the many countries that award the medals class based on the recipient's rank.


P.S. what was the source of the excellent photo. The Japanese Colonel(?) awarding the medal has quite a rack!

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