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Can't be done as of now, because that is an "invisible" enlisted man's bar.

BUT: at some future time

when the colonial MEZ2 rolls get done,

when the Lifesaving Medal rolls get transcribed,

when the Hamburg Hanseatic rolls get done

and :speechless1::speechless1::speechless1: when somebody has time to COMBINE them, should be possible.

It's an exceptionally nice bar. Terrific combination, and the only :banger: is that he did not mount the campaign bar on his Colonial Medal which would very likely have enabled us to cut through all of that and find him relatively quickly, since we'd know where and when to look for the MEZ2... and from THAT limited list of names, find him on the Lifesaving rolls.

The two Prussian awards exist as "rolls" in the sense of the updated (up to January 1913) Ordensliste official Prussian annual gazette of those who received Prussian decorations. But as those now are, you'd have to KNOW the name to find the award dates. Knowing just the awards (thousands and thousands over decades) doesn't help.

This is several years of transcription effort.

Far from impossible, but no quick or easy answer.

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:Cat-Scratch: AGGGHHH!!!! That is the most horrible "eBay quality" scan I've ever seen, Alex!!! :speechless1:

Rick i am happy with me HP scaner that i posses over 6 years. It cost a lot of money six or seven years ago.

So an Epson scaner is not on my wish list.

But if you like it bigger, i make it bigger for you. I think everything that need to be shown is on this picture.

Everything you want Rick.

Regards Alex

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How nice that the documents still accompanying the awards.

Could you post the life-saving document? Never seen one from Saxony.

Do you know the reason for the award?

This is an unussual case. He got a "Anerkennungsurkunde" in Juli 1920 when he was out of army and visit the university. He save the live of an old women

for drowning. The document is signed by the prime minister.

Regards Alex

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Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry nice (now) ! :cheers:

What's on the reverse of the Saxon lifesaving medal? Is it an old Royal type or a Weimar version?

Hi Rick,

there is now Weimar version of saxony LSM. It is the last model of the imperial one. I can't say if awarded or privat purchase.

But probably privat purchase then i think the Weimar government never award imperial medals.

Regards Alex

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Both sides of a tiny lapel chain mini version:


In 1937 there were "3,000 living recipients" per the membership directory of the Association of Lifesaving Medals Recipients-- after 104 years since first issue! I have never seen actual totals awarded, but would be amazed if these ever topped 100 a year.

They are, and always have been in my opinion, severely undervalued (in a monetary sense) presumably because of their underwhelming appearance.

These crummy little "bottle caps" were ONLY given for rescues and attempted rescues at the risk of the recipients own life, and up to 1935 were at least according supreme position as first among all peacetime decirations. The Nazis, for reasons known only to themselves, had a pathological dislike of this award, and dishonored it by demoting its precedence to behind the 1919 Silesian Eagle, after the Hindenburg Cross and post-1938 wear Austrian WW1 Commemorative Medal. The few-- the very few-- justifiably proud recipients NEVER completely cooperated with this disgraceful state of regulations, and it may often be found where the wearer preferred to honor it.

And yet the TR came out with its own version in this case worn between the Hindenburg Cross and the Silisian Eagle.

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I don't have the medal, but Schwarzburg-Sondershausen beats yours by one. 19 awards between 1868 and 1918. ;)

Arrrgh...this I didn´t know... :speechless1:

But at least the type if shown, was only awarded 11 times (with Stempelschneider on it).



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This silver F-W III life-saving medal is 50mm diameter. It came in a square presentation box.

 It is named on the side :  DEM FRIEDRICH TRAUT FUR DIE RETTUNG DES FERDINAND WITTENHAGEN. This is the third such medal that I have come across, but the only one to be named.

Questions : Would this be an officially named award or a privately engraved one ?  Could it be researched ? How many of these first type (1802-1833) were awarded ?

Your comments will be gratefully received.



FW III  Sauvetage attribuée .jpg

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