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Bizarre suspension bar

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The reason that Soviet agriculture failed-- well, aside from the homicidal fraud and global-warming precursor Professor Lysenko-- was that

they had no garden watering cans because of these


You just had a very nice ribbon bar in the same excessively solid materials, with the "veneer" plastic painted ribbons. Those have been completely chipped away on your medal bar, though the ends MIGHT still be underneath.

Only having one, and that 99% intact-- I've never tried GENTLY bending the tabs to see what is underneath. That might be worthwhile with your denuded medal bar:

1) it's already naked, and can't be used without trying to bend each place off and back on anyway

2) it would be nice, in a Frankensteinian way, to know whether doing that WOULD snap the prongies off

3) here may just be the ends still trapped underneath which would reveal what the original ribbons were-- and allow for a normal ribbon restoration for a worthwhile uniform display.

Wouldn't mess around with an intact bar, but this qualifies as a Science Project in its current condition.

Late 1950s seemss the approximate "circa."

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