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TeNo TN Technische Nothilfe Uniforms, Insignia & Other

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TN-Ranks-Chart - 4.1940 - - - 30.5.1943

Hi nesredep / Morten,

You had asked about the TeNo ranks, a while ago. (I am a little slow in responding!)

Here is the April, 1940 - May 30, 1943 TeNo RANK CHART, showing the Shoulder Board Designations.

...Txs, ...Dave/dblmed

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Hi Paul,

RE: Removal of the TeNo Cog Wheel after their transition to the SS Type Collar Tab Insignia [on June 1, 1943]

The Simple answer is No, ...but I am still finding more 'late war' fotos of TN Officers without the Cog Wheel

on their pre-June 1, 1943 "Classic TeNo" Collar Tabs. [so, there is no doubt that this practice existed & did

so over a wide range of locations. Don't know if it was "Official" or not. My 'bet' is that it was Official - but,

there is no proof yet.

I have Not been able to locate TeNo the archival information for 1943-1945, but I have some leads.

[Attached is an example of the "No Cogs" from a Lehrgang class foto at the TeNo Reichsschule Belzig]

Best, ... Dave / dblmed

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TN-Ranks-Chart - 4.1940 - - - 30.5.1943

Hi nesredep / Morten,

You had asked about the TeNo ranks, a while ago. (I am a little slow in responding!)

Here is the April, 1940 - May 30, 1943 TeNo RANK CHART, showing the Shoulder Board Designations.

...Txs, ...Dave/dblmed


Thanks. :cheers:

All the best


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TeNo Canteen

[Posted for Camonut / Tom] .while at the SOS I picked up a Canteen reported to be TeNo.

...well when I got it home and referred to page 642 in Vol II of Angolia & Taylor's "German Police Book."

...,I discovered that it is the EXACT one pictured in the book, even down to the 2 small spots btw the hole in the

cover and the cap retaining strap. You'll have to look closely in my photo for the 2 spots, but they are there!!! I guess the photo, as opposed to the actual canteen was provided to Angolia for inclusion in the book...because

the color of the canteen cover is BLACK, not BLUE as described in the book. I admit from the picture it looks that, but it isn't.

...Txs, Camonut

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TeNo Canteen - Photo of in use wear.

Hi Camonut / Tom

I was looking through some of my TeNo photos & found this one. It shows a TeNo men, in the off-white Drillich uniform, from a

BD [bereitschaft Dienst] unit standing next to their Bereitschaft Wagen.

Of interest is the 3rd fellow from the Left. He is carrying a Canteen which has a very dark color - pretty much like your Canteen.

We can't determine whether the color of the canteen cover is BLACK, or dark BLUE, but it is definitely a very dark color.

Finding fotos of TN men with a Canteen is harder than locating TN Dagger or Hauer (Hewer) fotos(!) . Best, ... Dave/dblmed

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TeNo / TN Ortsführer Car Pennant Banner

I just received this nice TeNo / TN car pennant banner, for the rank of Ortsführer. [it would have been attached to a mini-flag pole, mounted to the left front fender of his official vehicle. A TN 'open Eagle' finial (topper) was attached to the top of the mini-pole. The TN banners & pennants were made such that the Eagle's head faced the attaching pole.] I am really very pleased with the banner. Sources tell us that there were an estimated 2,500 TN Ortsgruppen during the TR. So there were a number of these car banners around at one time. This is the only complete TeNo car pennant banner [rectangular shaped] that I've come across. I'm sure that there must be other examples out there in collections. …

Below is how Bill Shea [The Ruptured Duck] describes it:

"… RARE TeNo High Ranking Official's Fender Pennant... one of a kind offering. This pennant is rectangular rather than the usual triangle shape. This would indicate a higher ranking official. It measures approximately 8.75" x 12" and is made of a deep royal blue vertically ribbed fabric. Then woven directly onto the fabric surface is the silver flat wire machine applied TeNo eagle. This very distinctive insignia is repeated on the back. There is a silver bullion border that is about 3/16" wide and is inset from the edge by approximately 1/2". This is all sewn over a steel framework which has adjustable attachments for slipping over the pole from the fender of the car. Condition wise, it is overall Very Good. There are some visible stains on both sides (see pictures). There is also one small hole (the actual hole is pin size but the damage to the surface is closer to that of a small thumb tack). But taking into consideration the scarcity of the piece, the condition is readily acceptable. I would consider this to be 10 times rarer than an SS fender pennant. …"

Txs, … Dave / dblmed

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Foto of TeNo Car Pennant Banner – on a Car!

Thanks Paul - Yes, finding the Banner was an unexpected event & I treasure it for the TeNo history which it represents.

I'd forgotten that I also had a foto of a TeNo Car Pennant Banner – on a car! [since I never anticipated ever finding an actual TN banner when I got the foto, finding this is very nice surprise.]

The TeNo Banner shown in the Car foto is either for an Ortsführer or a Bezirsksführer (depending on the width of the outer Aluminum tresse.) In the very large Landesgruppen, such as LG X – based in Hamburg, they did have a Bezirsksgruppe as an intermediate level above the various Ortsgruppen. So, who knows?

The TeNo Car Pennant Banner [stander] was flown from the Left front fender. I don't know 'if' any other banner was used on the Right front [except that we could expect a swastika flag on it!] Maybe the nice blue TeNo Banner was sufficient for the TN guys.

The car is a big Mercedes (MBZ) 'touring car' which must have been one of the perks of the office. I don't know the MBZ model / type – but I'll bet that some collector does know how to ID it. … Best, Dave / dblmed

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DUTCH TN • TeNo [ the Technische Noodhulp ] Side Cap

Marc Verstraete Van der Weyer posted a very, very special Dutch TN Side Cap: http://www.wehrmacht...ht=teno&page=13

This is an extremely rare item, as a Dutch TN Side Cap is an almost 'never seen' TeNo item. The Dutch TN was comprised of only about 4,500 Noodhelpers – so any surviving items are a treasure. Marc's example helps to solve some unanswered questions about the headgear of the Dutch TN.

• We have a Dutch TN / Technische Noodhulp 'share & discussion' thread going, posted at:


A number of Dutch collectors have added their varied Dutch TN items, but a confirmation of the front 'Emblem' of the Side Cap was missing – until now!

Winkelman posted a 'screen capture' of a foto from a WWII history program, shown on Dutch TV. [as is attached below] The front 'Emblem' of the Dutch TN - Technische Noodhulp Side Cap could be seen as a "Square" – & - Not as the Rhomboid [Diamond] shape of the German TN, with the Black-White-Red circles in it.

With seeing Marc's Side Cap, it solves the mystery & confirms the Dutch TN Side Cap emblem!

The Dutch TN used the TeNo "Classic" 'TN-in-Cog' emblem motif – much like the emblem of their Armscheibe [Left sleeve patch].

Thanks to Marc for his Posting. ..Txs, Dave / dblmed

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TeNo Box Buckle - Congrats MIKE (!)

Mike, what an Amazing find - a TeNo Box Buckle, in the Brass Configuration.

[& Mike acquired this Buckle directly from a Vet's family! Amazing! Just goes to show

that there are still "TR treasures" out in the woodwork/boxes/closets.]

I'm not a buckle afficianado, so I'll use Hugh Page Taylor's text from "Police, Vol. 2."

"...No regulations have been found that address the wear of the rectangular

enlisted buckle. However, a TN enlisted buckle was illustrated in the Assmann

& Sohne sales catalogue (probably 1932 - 1933), and in a 1933 Steinhauer

& Lück sales catalogue. The 47mm x 63mm buckle was of plain brass

with a silvered face plate featuring a hammer to form a "T" and a capital letter

"N" superimposed on an eight spoke gear. ..."

Also a Nickel Silver TeNo Box Buckle of this same type, has been found also. It looks to

be by the same maker to my eyes, but I don't know the fine points of these.

Of Collector interest is that there are only 5-6 of the Brass & Nickel Silver TeNo Box

Buckles in known Collections. They are a 'once-in-a-lifetime' find, IMO. [Who knows

how many are still 'in the woodwork' like Mike's splendid Buckle?] ...Best, Dave / dblmed

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TeNo GOLD Dress Buckle - of Landesführer XVII Walther Junecke

Hi Mike, I'm very fortunate to have acquired the 2 TeNo Box Buckles [brass & Nickel Silver], which are shown above. (Formerly residing in the Marc Vertraete Van der Weyer - Belt & Buckle collection.) They now have a happy & loving new home.smile.gif

I think that the SILVER TeNo Buckle & Brocade has been posted before on our thread, so I'll add the GOLD model of the TeNo Buckle, and then we have the 'whole' family. I do not have the Brocade for it, but the 'Buckle Books' inform us that the Same brocade type was used for both the SILVER & the GOLD TeNo Buckles.

I was extremely lucky & met the sole surviving member of the W. Junecke family, from whom I acquired the remaining effects of TN Landesführer Walther Junecke, a few years ago. Junecke was Landesführer of TeNo Landesgruppe XVII, based in Wien (Vienna) from 1938-1943 - when he became Chef der Stabs, for the RATN [Reichsamt Technische Nothilfe] in Berlin. Afterwards he then returned to Vienna, and continued as Landesführer for 1944 - 1945.

The GOLD TeNo Buckle is a beauty on its own & is even brighter than shown. This example is marked "A" on the reverse for ASSMANN, the sole maker. Silver models have been found with either "A" - or an - "A-over-40" which is believed to represent the year of initial issuance of the TeNo buckle series. From my 'micro-examining' of a Silver & a Gold TeNo buckle, side-by-side, I believe that ASSMANN used the same Dies for both buckles, especially so, since the number of buckles to be produced was so small.

Amongst the effects of Landesführer Walther Junecke, were a large number of photos. The one shown is of him in dress regalia. All of his Uniform effects - Sleeve Eagle; Collar Tabs; Shoulder Boards; Buttons; Mützenkranz; Visor Piping & Chin Cord - are also GOLD in color.

Some neat uniform details in the photo, which are seldom seen, are the:

• Black Mantel Lapels - authorized for the Ranks of Landesführer and above;

• "Cut-Out" type Left Sleeve Eagle [Custom Embroidered];

• Landesführer Junecke is wearing the Gold Buckle with Brocade.

Like you, Mike, I was also in the "right place at the right time" and I feel most fortunate to have acquired the TeNo Landesführer Junecke collection.

...Txs, Dave / dblmed

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TeNo Calendar – 1940

From examining & studying TeNo • TN publications & printed materials, we are much better able to learn about the functions & uses of the Technische Nothilfe at a particular time. Period printed materials & photos are rich sources of information.

This very nice complete 1940 TeNo Calendar (with images by the artist Döbrich Steglitz) unexpectedly came my way. The Calendar has 24 Color images (2 per month), all of which are actually "tear away" Postcards, Each Postcard has either 1 perforated "tear away" edge, if the Image is Landscape [Horizontal] – or - 2 perforated "tear away" edges if the Image is Portrait [Vertical.]

Of the 24 Postcards, 12 are of the familiar TeNo in action scenes - & - 12 are printed in Black w a Red 1st letter, with inspirational quotations by historical German figures, or by TeNo or NSDAP notables.

Only the cover of the 1940 Calendar was not in Postcard format, and it shows a team of Nothelfers using a hinged beam-&-truss, for lifting framework in a construction project. The scenes pictured in the TeNo Calendar from Right-to-Left and from Top-to-Bottom, shows:

• Jan 1940 – TN Nothelfers removing debris, following a fire or natural disaster;

• Feb 1940 – Nothlefers providing lighting for an NSDAP night parade;

• Mar 1940 – Nothelfers clearing a mountain highway collapse;

• Apr 1940 – Nothelfers erecting a party Eagle on a framework;

• Mai 1940 – Nothelfers salvaging iron & steel, to be reused for military purposes;

• Jun 1940 – Nothelfers responding to a truck accident in the countryside;

• July 1940 – Nothelfers learning bridge building at TN Reichsschule Belzig;

• Aug 1940 – Nothelfers shoring up a building, following damage;

• Sep 1940 – A quotation from H. Göring;

• Oct 1940 – Nothelfers rebuilding a destroyed railway bridge, during the occupation of the Sudatenland;

• Nov 1940 – Nothelfers repairing a break in the waterworks system;

• Dec 1940 – Nothelfers in comradeship [Officers & Men] in the bar at the TN Reichsschule Belzig, after a day of Classes & Fieldwork;

The diversity of the pictured 1940 TeNo Calendar activities [which would be for pre-1940 era, since it was published in late 1939] shows the complex functions of the TN, in:

• City & Countryside Civil Defense;

• Countryside Disaster Response;

• Countryside Accident Response [which included a Paramedic component];

• Logistical Support for Party Activities;

• Military Technical Support for the Heer, as TK 13, Technische Kommandos;

• Construction and Reconstruction Activities;

These diverse TeNo functions & uses would only increase, as WWII progressed - & the need for the TN's specialized technical units increased. The TN would be called upon to fulfill many varied technical activities both inside of the Reich, as well as in the occupied nations - & - in essentially all fronts of the war. Txs… Dave / dblmed

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very nice head piece not modest at all


Yes, I wrote 'modest' because it is the only TeNo piece I have !

TeNo uniforms are quite nice and I like this Schirmmütze quite a lot.

Here's a shot of the inside.

If it is not made by Erel, then it is made by ... Clemens Wagner.



Edited by Langemark
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Congrats Langemark !

I add my accolades to those of Paulbear. Your TeNo Officer visor by Clemens Wagner is certainly a beauty & it's in outstanding condition. A top quality Clemens Wagner visor like your is definitely much rarer to find, than is an Erel. Hang onto it & gradually build up your TeNo collection.

As you have the time – I'd love to see a clear photo of the Clemens Wagner label. …Txs, Dave/dblmed

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TeNo BLUE Mantel - Complete - 1

This type & quality TeNo Mantel doesn't come around very often! A web site recently

listed for sale. [A bit too much on the pricey side for me. I'll have to hope that

another one shows up.]

Described as per the seller: "....VERY RARE TENO OFFICER GREAT COAT.

This is a "Stone Mint" Greatcoat for an Officer of the Teno.

Dark Blue heavy wool with black rayon lining. Has all Teno embossed Aluminium Buttons

to the front and the Single button belt to the reverse. Scharfuhrer ( LTN. ) Rank collar patch

with unit X/14 collar patch. Flatwire Oficer Armeagle and corresponding bullion shoulder boards

-all insignia is originally sewn. ............This is the first one we have seen and know of NO other. ..."

Dave / dblmed

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