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[...] thought I share, perhaps one of you owns his bar.

"What a foolish idea" was my first thought, to be honest. Buuut...

I don't know who owns it now, but the bar is damn close to this bar - with set - that was owned by our very own HeikoGrusdat but has been sold, if I my memory serves me right.

World's small, isn't it.


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What a small world............................ :speechless1:

The group has been sold to another member of this forum, maybe he will be very lucky now to get a name to this group with a now known face and a (for us) new breast cross to this group !!!!

In my eyes this is exactly the medal bar from my (former) group !!!!

picture has been sold on ebay.de for 68 Euro...


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Whoever he was, he was retired before 1924, so I have not been able to find him! :banger::banger:

That pinback "WK2cX" should be the key, since there is nothing on his medal bar that we have worked on Rolls for.

Maybe Daniel can turn him up from his W?rttemberg work.

I would say this officer began the war as a very senior Major, was almost immediately promoted to Oberstleutnant and then promoted again by war's end to Oberst, and probably falls through the cracks as one of those neither Imperial nor Reichswehr charakterisiert Generalmajor aD 1920 types.


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This is why the seller said in his auction title "picture from Glogau" ..... that is a german city..... but maybe it is his name ?!

The only Glaugau that could be a match is a Generaloberarzt Dr. Glaugau that has a RAO4 in 1914 !!! Could it be him?

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Dr. Georg Glogau, Dr. med. from the University of Berlin in 1888 (Dissertation on "Zur Casuistik der Oberschenkelamputation im unteren Drittel nach Gritti"). Listed in the DOA 1908/09 with RAO4 and ZM, as OStA in IR 74 (Hannover). In 1914 Generaloberarzt (Divisionsarzt) at the 20th Division (Hannover). A.D. as Generalarzt.

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There are no medical devices on his boards, and a Generalarzt under the rank titles back then was = to an Oberst, not an actual General.

I come up empty on this one, unless Daniel has him for a list of WK2cX holders I do not have. :(

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I was with Daniel night and we discussed this photograph. The wonderful Daniel had already identified the gentlemen through his decorations but was unable to post because of computer problems. A quick check of the "Kabisch" confirmed Daniel's very correct assumptions:

char. Generalmajor Wilhelm Budde formerly Commandant of Glogau.

General Budde, born 5 July 1868 and died 26 June 1934 was a Prussian Pionier officer who commanded in Glogau from 16 May 1920 until his retirement on 30 September 1923.



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