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Hi Guys

I haven't bought anything on the 3rd reich side for ages - for about 3 years I have been collecting Brit Home Front for my Home Guard re-enacting group and non combatant stuff. I tried to list some bits and pieces on one of the reenactors websites but obviously they were more interested in uniforms and stuff. What I have left is pictured. I thought about selling to a dealer but recent experience suggests they are maybe having a hard time and wanted to pay nowt. None are really valuable but I want to move them on so want an idea of realistic prices to ask.

Then I shall be dropping them all in the for sale section. I thought since I had bought items on here and experienced such good transactions [as all Gentlemen should!] I'd let them go on here for the benefit of the members.

See pics for details. I can give additional info any time.

Silver War Merit Cross has a maker mark of a 3 in a square on the reverse [this came from Stewart Wilson in a trade a couple of years back]

Party long service mini is RZM and maker marked M11/1.

Red Cross Helferin is B replacement type

Silver Wound Badge has LDO box and 65 on reverse

Anything else please ask. All help appreciated thanks.


Matt Gibbs

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Hello Matt,

I can help you out on the prices of some of the badges & medals, as I've bought some of them myself this year. Large red cross helpers badge 50 euro - small red cross members badge 30 euro - RDB badge (Reichsbund der Deutschen Beamten) 25 euro- Silver Wound Badge with case 100 euro. Hope this kicks things off for you.


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David S - sorry not right now, I never took pics of the back and I am too busy working 05.30 to 17.30 shifts all week to do it, but these were from several bars, that I got from Stogieman and another forum member on here, in the sale section 2 years ago [or more as time flies!] - does this help to answer your unspecified questions? I am certainly happy from their reputation, and that of the forum, that they are OK.



-edit - PS I forgot to add that I have recieved an offer and subject to viewing and monies arriving they are sold. Many thanks to the members who have helped me out, this forum is always a friendly place.

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