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Imperial Red Cross decoration?

Christian J

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Have acquired this red cross decoration (jeton?), enamel looks good (if you don't mind the damage) and detail on the piece is what I would expect.

But I haven't been able to identify it. Marked 1905 and St Petersburg (?) on the back and 85TO(?) discreetly on the front.

Does any of you have any clue about it?

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Your jeton is item 70 in the paperback reference Russian Medical Breast Badges.

The jeton was established September 25, 1905, by the Petersburg Women?s Committee to recognize donors to Marie Pavlovna?s medical clinics (or, possibly, aid stations). Men wore them as a watch fob (or, I suspect, as a stand-alone jeton given the popularity of jetons) and women, on a bracelet or brooch (or, I again suppose, as an ordinary jeton).

There were three levels: Silver, for donating at least 10 rubles or for significant personal labor on behalf of the society; Gold, for donating at least 100 rubles (at one time) or for recruiting 12 10-ruble donors; and gold with diamonds.

I acknowledge that my translation of Барачной Лечебчицы as medical clinics is approximate and really a guess but it?s the best I can do. It is literally something like medical attention huts or something like that. Since the year 1905 is so significant in regards to the Japanese War catastrophe, it may be (although I have no knowledge of this) that this effort was in aid of wounded war veterans. If that is the case, then "aid stations" rather than medical clinics would make more sense. As always, corrections and improvements are welcome.

Like many donor badges, yours is engraved with the name of the donor and the year of the donation.

I have a modest collection of Imperial medical badges and jetons and I have never come across an example of yours. NICE find, even with less-than-perfect enamel. Please let me know if you are considering trading or selling it.


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