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And that was with the stumps of 4 fingers worn away typing award rolls... :catjava:

Exceptionally nice looking medal, but the narrow width of the half and half ribbon still inclines me to some sort of veterans award-- perhaps a specific regiment's jubilee medal? Nicer than the usual generic things hanging from weird pentagonal ribbons.

1897+ is also late for one of those niftiest of all trapezoid medal bar mounts. They seem to have peaked in the 1880s. Very hard to find.

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I got this little CDV recently.

Taken in 1900 in Coburg, is it possible that the last medal is a Saxe- Coburg long service medal?

Help? What is that third medal?


it could be from the saxon 'association of honorably discharged military'

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Are you sure? The ribbon looks different and from the details I see (maybe you can see better details having it "in-hand"), the medal is not the same. I could be wrong!

The same to Rick, regarding my photo...

It looks rather like Oldenburg's medal for 1848/49. But again, the ribbon does not seem to match. Possible?

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