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Well, you don't. Can't be done. :catjava:

Unless.... :unsure:

Having just completed the Mecklenburg-Strelitz Cross for Distinction In War rolls 1914-1933, there were 15 awards to Hessians... or Strelitz natives who somehow ended up in Hessian units.

Mecklenburg Strelitz-- IXth Army Corps. Hesse-- XVIIIth Army Corps. No joint units in common...

So a "pair" like the above must be the result of a misplaced citizen.

12 of the 15 were enlisted ranks-- who could not have the ?M3K in 4th place on this 1938+ bar from :cheers: David S's collection.

Of the 3 officers, 1 had other awards, and another served in the 25th Division which spent the entire war in France.

Which leaves ONE

Leutnant dR Ernst Woisin of Reserve Feldartillerie Regiment 25, 25th Reserve Division, got his strange MStMV2 on 27 May 1918. 25th Reserve Division served in the east (Russian and Serbian fronts) from December 1914 to November 1915...

so if Woisin was commissioned during that period, this Totally Anonymous bar JUST might be his.

Until we can compare any Mecklenburg-SCHWERIN strays in Hessian units.... :rolleyes:

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