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It'll be interesting to see if these actually sell, and for how much.

Certainly not the accepted (actually awarded) type of S-Boot badge which had a separate swastika atop the swastika integral to the badge ( same as the U-Boat Badge with Diamonds).

I'm aware of the whole series of badges "with diamonds" of this specific type which were supposedly a set of trial samples. Can't imagine too many people queueing up to bid for such controversial pieces.

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I was not aware that any S-boat badges were actually awarded with diamonds. Same question to be repeated with the MS badge. John

Yes, the S-Boot with Diamonds were actually awarded. I have a few photos opf them actually in wear. The original issue pieces were made by Schwerin.

The MS with Diamonds was never awarded though, only the U-Boat, S-Boot and Aux Cruiser. U-Boat and S-Boot were made by Schwerin, though the Aux Cruisers were not maker marked, just carried the silver content stamp.

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