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Marine-Generaloberarzt Dr. Max Auer

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His 1919 entry in the Marine Doctors Stammliste confirms everything except the red cross medal 3 and has him for a Bayern Prinz Regent Luipold Medal which I belive is there. The stammlist is not 100% accurate so I would not worry.

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.......... it is a civil 3.Reich DA - not military !!! So, no re-activation..... maybe he was some official doctor, not private...?!

Oh, thanks, but shame on me. My knowledge about decoration covers not the time after 1918.

He could be a kind of Kreisarzt or in another official position. May be someone find him in a post 1918 Handbuch f?r das Deutsche Reich?

All together there is no doubt, that this bar belonged to Dr. Max Auer. Most of the decorations on that bar we can find in the Stammliste des Marine-Sanit?ts-Offizierskorps of 1919 except the Red Cross Medal 3rd class. This is not suspicious, because the decorations with that medal last until 1921.

Thanks to all again.

Regards, Komtur.

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