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An excellent find and I hope a long and happy life there. :beer:

There were two Warrant Officer equivalent ranks for physicians who had either not completed their academic medical studies when they were called up, or were called up as military doctors with zero previous military experience, and that is what Rothmann's status was.

The 206th Infantry division was described by British intelligence as "2nd class" on a 1st to 4th scale, and laconically evaluated as having done "well, although not brilliantly." Yet the actual day by day accounts of this division's service are a tale of constant combat, endless, massive losses, and somehow holding together despite all that. It took part in the great March "Michael" 1918 offensive, and was continuously engaged to the morning the war ended, against the French and the British.

This is precisely the sort of common experience the Nazis attempted to erase afterwards.

The signature at division level here indicates the divisional commander himself handed over that Iron Cross, rather than at regimental or even battalion level. The level a document was issued at is some indication of how highly the recognition was valued. The divisional commander could have "sent it down" for bestowal, but chose to present this himself as an additional honor.

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To repeat:

This is precisely the sort of common experience the Nazis attempted to erase afterwards.

Though sadly their educational goals have been achieved entirely coincidentally by the state of modern public education anyway. :rolleyes:

Such persons would be amazed to know that there were actually NSDAP AO Ortsgruppen in Palestine when the war started.

Igor-- was Rothmann interned among THEM as an enemy alien? I know that the British :speechless::banger: incarcerated Wehrmacht prisoners, Nazi detainees, and German Jews in the SAME prison camps in Canada-- and I've seen similar paperwork for a Protestant German refugee in Australia when the Second War started (his daughter married the chief of their wartime "coast watchers" which was embarassing with Pa in prison as an Enemy Alien. :unsure: )

The group photo at the officers' mess first shown is the

"Casino in F?ry Okt 1917"

The officials and officers are identified as

"(Proviantamts)Insp(ektor) K?ssner (supply official)

F(eld)H(ilfs)A(rzt) Rothmann (himself)

O(ber)St(abs)A(arzt) (Fe?)rvers (medical corps Major-- I cannot read his name clearly to find him before the war)

Dr. Weiss (I can't make out the rank on his uniform)

FHA Wolff (fellow warrant officer level physician)

Zahlm(eister) Welack" (paymaster)

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