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Spain - Breast Star...What is it?


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Kai Meyer owned several of these stars which he bought from a Spanish jeweller and dealer in the 1950s-60s along with a series of Spanish Noble Association insigniae. Meyer didn't know exactly what they were but described them as scientific association awards, likely of a semi-private nature. Some had a gilt center; some a silver center. Meyer owned examples with red, blue, purple, and green enameled motto rings. No reason for differing metals or enamels could be definitely cited but probably relate to awards for varying types of scientific merit (consonent with Spanish usage at the time). The center device illustrates the motto "Science bringing light to the world".

1970s era Klenau auction catalogs offered such stars, most of them similar to the illustrated piece, listed in the Spanish section as scientific society pieces. De la Puente (1953, 1964) does not describe this award though he provides information on Spanish Noble Association regalia and Flangist party awards.

If anyone has copies of the Meyer photos or Klenau catalogs, maybe they contain more information.

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This are the badge for the Royal Hispano-American Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters of Cadiz

I believe that the maker of this badges are Castells (Barcelona)

The Plaque, composed by a radiated oval, in whose inner it appears the facsimile of the Academic Medal, that is, a genius scattering flowers on the world, trimmed by the name of the Corporation, will consist of two categories:

a) Gold, only when the designated personality shows the position of President of honor of the Academy. And that used so in the own acts of the Corporation like symbol of high hierarchy.

b) Silver (the image), for those Spanish personalities, Hispano-American and foreign that the Academy decides its concession


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