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Bulgarian officer winter coat

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Hello Gentlemen,

I recently got this wonderful bulgarian officer winter coat with a fur collar. I know (thanks to period photographs) that this kind of coat was used during WW1, but due to the bakelite buttons used on my coat, I rather think it is a 20's or 30's fabrication, probably with the same cup as WW1 model. I put on it bulgarian WW1 artillery captain shoulder boards and a luger holster which I suppose to be bulgarian. (Please don't pay attention to the sword, it is an english one just put there awaiting to be replaced by a bulgarian one). Can you help me to identify the coat and the holster more precisely? I want to use them as a WW1 ones, because my bulgarian militaria collection is WW1 oriented. I am waiting for your comment. Thanks very much :anmatcat:


Charles Alexandre

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Unfortunately no mag pouch under the holster, but I know no other countries using such kind of holster for luger! I got the coat on ebay coming from Bulgaria. The buttons seems to be originally mounted, not resewn. The quality of cloth used is the same as for my Bulgarian M1915 officer cap and my M1915 soldier trousers. In the book Uniforms and Equipment of the Central Powers in WW1 vol 1 by Sprencer and Coil you can see a picture of mounted Bulgarian officers wearing this kind of coats with fur. But I have no other information. In France it is so difficult to find information about Bulgarian army in WW1, which is why I enlist for this forum! What do you think about the shoulder boards?

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While in the Balkan wars and the WW1 you could see all kinds of private purchases, at later times it was not like this! Officers wore clothing according to the army regulations. The only thing they could do, was order uniforms made of better quality materials, better taylors. But were not allowed to change the pattern and appearance. Only during the war against Germany /late 1944-45/ were seen again non-regulation uniforms /mainly field made short jackets/, but this coat does not look like the 1944-45 things.

Can not tell you for sure. The buttons, this type was used not for long at some time after 1930 and before 1936. Really, can not tell you more about this coat, just that it is very unusual /which usually means Wrong/.

It can be even a real 1930's officer coat, later modified for civil use /boards removed, fur collar added/. How is the fur collar attached, does it seem later added? Can you show me a picture of the reverse of the collar? And what about the back side of the coat - do you have a picture? Is there a small short belt with two buttons on the back side? And finally, what about the lining, what material is used? It will ve very good, if you can show me pictures of the reverse of the collar, the back side of the coat and the lining.

As for the holster, the Hungarians used that design, too. But as mentioned, I think it has good chances to be Bulgarian.

The photo you have found on the web - I think it is WW1 or earlier. As for the boards, I like those. Not sure for the period, could be WW1, or right after or a little before, in these times there were lots of changes, mainly in the size.

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