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Question regarding information on types of SS Camoflauge.

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Hallo Gents, :beer:

on another Forum we have been discussing WW2 Camo types,

the conversation was initially about the post WW2 Austrian Camo schemes

which was closely based on wartime ss camo I believe.

At one point a fellow member started to use the term Flecktarn to describe the WW2 Camo,

I pointed out that "Flecktarn" is a name for a modern Bundeswher pattern, and was never used in the WW2 era.

The reply to that was:-

To be honest I don't care if anybody called it back then Flecktarn. And we will never find out....

my reply was as follows:-

Well, sorry to be so pedantic, but, if you want to establish the correct history and connections to military items,

(including camo) in the true course of events then you have to care what its called.

By using a modern term such as "flecktarn" in conjunction with "Waffen ss" you are compounding a modern mistake as fact.

German Camo has been documented extensively in such books as "WAFFEN-SS UNIFORMEN IN FARBE"

by Andrew Steven & Peter Amodio in the Europa Militaria No 6 Series.

I did not see the word Flecktarn mentioned once, but such terms as:-








Fr?hjahr/Sommer Eichenlaubtarnung,

are freely used but not a single "Flecktarn" to be seen.

To which was added the following gem:-

The only known original name for a Waffen-SS pattern is "Leibermuster 1945'. All other names are made up post war.

Flecktarn means 'camouflage trough speckles' and is thought to be designed after certain WW2 patterns (Platanentarn).

The name describes not only the look of the pattern but also the principle how it works (like 'digi/pixel-camo').

So it's okay to backward designate the SS camo as "flecktarnish'...

I find the above to be a very haphazard way of stating "researched facts".

Can any of our G.M.I.C. members who have an interest in German Camo confirm for me,

and cite the sources, dated documents, books etc..

the following:-

1. Were the specific types of ss camo given names to distinguish them from the blanket designation "Leibermuster 1945" ;)

2. At what period of time were the specific types trialed and then issued to the troops in the field.

Thanks for any help and information provided.

Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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Hi Laurence :beer:

thanks for the link, very interesting site, but it does not address my questions,

would a German soldier have the issue of a specific type of Camo jacket marked up in his kit issue ?

How did the German Quartermaster Korps refer to these specific items when placing orders for kit??

Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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