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Medalla Conmemorativa XX Anniversario 1953-1973

Rick Research

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Inside, with name of the recipient computer-blotted out for the safety of those concerned:

The confusion arises in my mind because-- as the design here shows-- THIS "XXth Anniversary Medal" had a brooch bar suspension and NOT a ribbon.

Now, Eddie has shown at least one example of one of the trade union long service medals which was ALSO on this type of brooch bar...

leading me to wonder whether :unsure:

ther was a Time Before Ribbons in Fidel's Cuba... and that at SOME as yet unknown point later in the 1970s these awards were given normal ribbons.

Certainly, this award booklet nbears the designation Medalla and not Distincion, which suggests to me that 1973-brooch design morphed into the black and red with XX ribbon suspension later.

Or maybe not.



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Great! So there is a ribbon to wear with ribbon bars, but the full size medal did NOT have a cloth ribbon! Many thanks for clearing that up! :jumping::cheers:

This medal sounds like the Soviet 1970 Lenin Centenary-- given for a general "push" during an important jubilee political year, so worn in a strange way unlike other "normal" medals.

This is one that came from you last time:

I thought the medal had a black and red ribbon too.

We learn new things every day-- thanks again!

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All of these Anniversario type Medals I have seen to date have had the metal suspension bars without a ribbon.

This particular one commemorates the 20th aniversary of the rather ill fated attack on the Moncada Barracks. The reverse shows the front of the building.

The date on which the attack took place, July 26, was adopted by Castro as the name for his revolutionary movement (Movimiento 26 Julio or M 26-7) and was chosen because it was the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Cuban writer and patriot Jose Mart?.

The Medalla Conmemorativa "XX Anniversario" is awarded by the Consejo de Ministros del Gobierno Revolucionario (Cabinet of the Revolutionary Government)

Attack on Moncada Barracks The Moncada Barracks was a military barracks in Santiago de Cuba, named after General Guillermon Moncada, a hero of the War of Independence.

On July 26, 1953, at 5:00AM, Fidel Castro and his brother Ra?l led a group of approximately 160 rebels in an attack on the second largest military garrison in Cuba, headquarters of the 400 (others say about 1,000) strong Antonio Maceo regiment, under the command of President Fulgencio Batista.

The night before the attack, 25 July, nearby Santiago de Cuba played host to a festival, and the rebel group believed the soldiers would be suffering from hangovers. Also, the rebels had stolen army uniforms to wear during the attack. The group formed an automobile caravan in order to give the appearance of being a delegation headed by a high-ranking officer sent from western Cuba. Their plan was to take the barracks, including the radio transmitter within it, and use it as a centre from which to broadcast propaganda to the Cuban people, with the ultimate hope of bringing down the Batista government.

The attack began poorly. The caravan of automobiles became separated by the time it arrived at the barracks, and the car carrying the guerillas' heavy weapons got lost. Furthermore, many of the rebels who would have taken part in the attack were left behind for a lack of weapons. The rebels also lost their possibility of surprise when Castro lost control of his car, crashed, and someone from the rebels opened fire to cover him. The net result of these events was the rebels being outnumbered more than 10 to 1.

Sixty-one rebels were killed in the fighting, and one third of them were captured. Half of the men captured were tortured to death. A handful of rebels, including Fidel Castro, escaped into the nearby countryside but were apprehended shortly thereafter.

After the attack the bullet holes and scars of battle were quickly covered up by the Batista regime.

After the revolution the barracks, now a school and a museum, had holes drilled in the walls to commemorate the battle.

At the Moncada barracks, an Act of Commemoration takes place early in the morning every year: the list of the martyrs of the revolution is read out

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hi, rick here is pick from my book

Translation of the book page with many thanks to Esteban.

The Commemorative medal "XX Anniversary" is given to every political, scientific or artistic figuer (individual) who, in a constant and diligent way had expressed his/her solidarity to our socialist revolution, as well as workers, armed forces members, students and common citizens who had participated in a significant way in international solidarity activities and to those who had accumulated exceptional merits with their participation on development and defense of our socialist homeland.

Regards Eddie

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