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Martin Kuehne's EK2 document

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Leutnant K?hne was attached to 15./FJR1 as a platoon commander for the Moerdijk jump, winning his EK2 for leading a successful assault on a heavily defended bunker, an action in which he was wounded. At the Corinth Canal in April 1941, K?hne and his men captured a British anti-aircraft battery, taking many prisoners. Recommended for the RK, he received the EK1 instead.

He survived Crete and Russia, being transferred to Tunisia in 1942, where he took part in the Ramcke-Brigade?s extraordinary two-hundred mile trek from El Alamein back to German lines in November 1942. There followed Sicily, Anzio-Nettuno, Monte Cassino and the rest of the fighting withdrawal up the Italian peninsula but his finest moment was as CO of I./Fallschirmj?ger-Rgt 2 and the capture of the Greek island of Leros in Operation Taifun, which brought him the Ritterkreuz.

Born in 1918, Herr K?hne died a few years ago. He apparently made a present of this document to Klaus Peters. It was then acquired by George Petersen, from whom I acquired it. K?hne held the RK, DKiG, Ehrenpokal, EK1, EK2 and FSA, amongst other awards. He saw action at Moerdijk, Corinth, in Crete, Russia, Tunisia, Sicily, Italy, Leros and, again, Italy. He finished up as a Major with FJR10 in 1945.


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