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Hello to all,

I?m new on this forum and I?m collecting dates and pics of recipients of the Milit?r-St.-Heinrichs-Orden. I hope I can find somebody who is also interested in this topic.

At first I?m searching a good pic of Martin Freiherr von Oldershausen. He was the first who was awarded with the Kommandeurskreuz II. Klasse of the MSHO. He was also awarded with the Pour le merite.

Perhaps somebody can help ?

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You will find many topics on the "StH-R" as we call it in Ranglistensprache (because we are lazy typists). Just type in anybody's name under the "Search" bar at the top right of every page and you may find who you are looking for.

Here is Baron Oldershausen:


Do you have the late Erhard Roth's book listing recipients of the Order? His privately printed work on Saxon officers from Hauptmann up is quite useful indeed for promotion dates and other awards, in one source with more data than can be found in the annual Ranglisten.

Or the 1936 (1964 reprint) "Der K?niglich S?chsische Milit?r-St. Heinrichs-Orden 1736-1918" by Oberst aD Georg Richter?

There is no more important reference for the World War St. Henry awards than Richter. You should be able to find a copy from ZVAB online.

Freiherr von Oldershausen's citation in Richter for his Commander-St Henry (StH-Kdr):

Just look through the old pages on this forum and you will discover many many many St. Henry topics with medal bars, photos, ribbon bars.... :rolleyes:

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Yes, I?ve the book of Georg Richter. But I?m trying to collect more dates, for example the dates of death.

I?ve also found the pic of Oldershausen in the forum. I?m searching for a portrait of him.

Your scan from the book is about Erich Freiherr von Oldershausen.

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Oops. :blush:That is what happens scanning off line... I forgot which one he was! :rolleyes::cheeky:

Death data is very hard to find. We've been working on Prussian officers (mostly) for our new series of WW1 award rolls volumes. Unless someone was a general... it can be really tough. :(

There USED to be an association of St Henry knights listed in the annual Soldaten Jahrb?cher when I was young-- they must have sent out directories and newsletters and so on, but I've never seen any. The MOH eV Naval Officers Association directories used to list members who had died between one edition and the next.

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This is also a very super pic.

Krantz got his Ritterkreuz on 15.10.1914 at the beginnig of the war as an Major. At the end of the war he was awarded with the Kommandeurskreuz II. Klasse on 19.07.1918, but again as an Major.

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Hi Christophe, the Commander's Cross was one of the few I did not have boxed. I considered myself lucky to have had one at all. Really regret parting with that particular collection. (as well as every other single thing that has unfortunately had to come and go. I am a champagne collector on a crystal light budget)

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