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WW1 US Medal of Honor Group


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Check out Detlev Niemann's sales page for today. Kind of sad when a US MOH group to a highly decorated soldier is sold in Europe. I do not fault Herr Niemann at all. The US Laws on this subject have caused this amazing piece of history to be sucked out of the air and gone forever to a private collector God only knows where.....

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Hello Ed,

Medal Group of Berger Loman

website: http://www.homeofheroes.com/moh/citations_..._wwi/loman.html

Rank and Organization: Private, U.S. Army, Company H, 132d Infantry, 33d Division. Place and Date: Near Consenvoye, France, 9 October 1918. Entered Service At: Chicago, Ill. Born: 24 August 1886, Bergen, Norway. G. O. No.: 16, W.D., 1919.


When his company had reached a point within 100 yards of its objective, to which it was advancing under terrific machinegun fire, Pvt. Loman voluntarily and unaided made his way forward after all others had taken shelter from the direct fire of an enemy machinegun. He crawled to a flank position of the gun and, after killing or capturing the entire crew, turned the machinegun on the retreating enemy.



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What I find interesting about this grouping which is amazing to say the least is this, The medal seems to be an early silver gilted piece that most likely came on a pin rather than the next ribbon with the pad of stars. My second cousin Thomas Croft Neibaur was awarded the Medal of Honor in WWI. It was presented to him in February of 1918 by General Pershing.

Neibaur's actual medal is engraved:

T.C. Neibaur

Co. M 167th Inf.


Gen. Pershing

Feb. 9, 1919

Point being I have never seen a MOH with only an engraved name, nothing else. That seems odd to me. I'll check that group photo more closely when I get home, but I think Neibaur is in that picture too.

Another thing is the Montenegro Silvery Bravey Medal originally came on a trifold ribbon. This one has a different ribbon. Loman is buried at Arlington.

This is the 3rd MOH Neimann has sold in the past month.

Edited by Daniel Cole
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