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Hallo Gentlemen !

What do you think about this ribbon bar from a Saschener who has been in the finnish civil war.

It said to be a police bar. Is it a possible combination ? I am curios about the two Saschen medals after? the HEK is that normal or just stupid?

Thanks in advance and regards from Sweden


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The condition is so bad it almost does not matter--- yuck!!!!!

SIX WW1 decorations 1914-18 for an NCO? .... :rolleyes:

You are right, the Weimar Gen Dec X is in the wrong place after the Hindenburg Cross but...

it is difficult to say--since the condition looks like it was exhumed from a grave-- whether this is a really strange but original (ugly) bar or one which a Frankenstein maker REALLY over-did the "aging" on.

I don't like it for both the awful condition and the unlikely combination which has been incorrectly mounted... which does not mean that it might not be real.... but bizarre.

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I would buy it and research it.

It is very unusual for a WW1 NCO to get more than 3 state ribbons (inc. the EK2), but it did happen and some state combination s are almost unheard of (like a Bav. MVK with anything else besides an EK2 and one of the Hansa ribbons).

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