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Old photo's (1935 - 1942)


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Also apparently from a photo album. "To Viktor and Aleksander from (father?)" and something about a "contusion (shell shock)"



A very rare occurrence to see these words "contusion" actually written... Most, if not all of these cases were written of by the powers that be (or were, for that matter) as "cowardice"...

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I recently acquired some nice old photo's and thought I'd share them here:

Anatoliy Iosifovich Bogdanovich. Signed by Colonel Starostin, Krasnoluchskiy RVK, Voroshilovgrad Oblast.



Very interesting (to me) photo to say the least...

I believe that I own one of these white tunics (that I have always thought to be a potential Ministry of State Railways item, but could not put a finger on as to precisely what it was BTW). It is made from thin off-white linen, had collar tabs at one time, and has silvered Railways buttons. It has two holes on each collar flap. Going by your photo is how I have come to this hypothesis that it is indeed such a thing, undocumented in any "professor's" book...

Thanks for showing the photo 'Ferdinand' :cheers:

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