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Turkish Liyakat medal


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Racism is not usually your thing :-(

Dear Chris,

What I think Ed meant is that you would most likely get German issues (in the main) from the European dealers and official Ottoman pieces from the Turkish dealers. One could accuse of many things but racism is certainly not one of them.

All the best,


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Strictly speaking they ain't - geographically it is at best questionable (although a strong swimmer could get there from the Greek islands!) and while they'd like to join the EU they have not yet done so! Very nice folks though.

But that aside, there's at least one Liyakat Medal (real one) in the latest Morton & Eden auction. Few other tasty Turkish pieces as well.

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This is a really interesting subject and story also between us , Turks.

Our population is 80 Million , %17.8 of the population is living in Istanbul ,

thay makes 15 Million . Thoose are formal counts.. Reality is %5 - %8 more

then them.

15 Million Istanbul peoples , 10 Million are living in Europe part. So , let me say

in another way , 10 Million Europian Turks we have . Such as me , I born in

Europe not in Asia , as My father and Mother , in the part of bosphorus.

After I board my car , 15 Minutes , at the end of bridge

it is writing "Welcome to Asia" , both in English and Turkish Language.

What about the population of Luxemburg ? 474 Thousand , (July 2006 counting)

What about Switzerland All ? 7.5 Million (July 2006 counting)

We have 10 Million people living in Europian lands of Turkey since 556 years. (1453)

( Since the Ottoman Empire Sultan Fatih Mehmed the Conquer. )

So , our goverment want to Join EU , do we want ? I dont know , Am I Europian ? No comment !

I am Turk , by the way my wife is Christian , from the Middle of Europe.

At all i can say , to be a world human is Virtue , doesnt matter where you are from , who you are.

To be a good human ...

Best Personal Regards to my all friends in GMIC ,

Avsar Ibar

Ibar Jewellery and Antiques

PS: You can see the Map of Turkey below .

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On 13. 4. 2017 at 00:06, ixhs said:

Interesting. How was his name?

I seems that the medal was made of unedles Metall because it has the * mark.

I always was sure it is silver.I will have to take it to the goldsmith to examine the metal.Then I will reply.

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The topic is without a photo of the Liakat Medal-Medal for Merit.I dare to attach the photo of my medal.A Slovak Military Priest-feldkurat from Pruské was awarded .It is siver.The weight is 11 gr.



The medal was sent to Poland,a member of GMIC-forum liked it so he decided to buy it.

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