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Assault trooper get up....

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This is from the Chaumont Area (Verdun) in mid 1916.

Men of the Bavarian Leib Regiment examine a column of POWs from the French 167th Inf Regt as they march through.

The Alpenkorps did not have tin hats at this time. I am assuming the men with the tin hats are from Sturmbattailon Rohr and are bringing back POWs they made on a raid?

Seems to be the only tin hatted unit operating independently at this time.

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Nice image Chris;

Karabiner Stahlhelm and Wickelgamaschen indicates Sturmtruppe - they wouldn't be coming directly from a raid since they are wearing full Marschgep?ck not the usual Sturmgep?ck. It also appears that there is a cypher or number on the shoulder strap of the trooper with his back turned (note that he is wearing part of his comrade's gear.) Perhaps a better scan of the strap would identify the unit.


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Under the microscope it looks to be a crown. I suppose they must be ILR men afterall.

They had just been trained by Rohr and I think this was just before they went to Fleury.




This picture is taken after the attack of the ILR on Fleury on 11 July 1916. The men are indeed from the ILR. The picture is taken in Chaumont. The French soldiers of the 167th regiment were taken prissoner in the area of the Poudriére the Fleury. A stronghold that the ILR took that day.

greetings from Holland,


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