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Finland, Freikorps or both?


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This is a very well-made badge, in silver and enamels (60x56mm). It certainly reminds me of badges of the Baltisches Landeswehr or 17.Armee Korps, but it carries Finnish maker's marks below the pin-catch (VI/(crown)/813H/(indistinct)/L5).

What appears to be enamel damage is actually some glue residue that has since cleaned off.

It doesn't show up in my Freikorps sources or my Finnish sources. Can anyone shed light on this piece?

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I've never seen that Teutonic knights shield EXCEPT for the German Grenzschutz Ost...

it would be hard to imagine Finns using it, since the Knights hunted them like animals. :speechless1:

Are you sure the year code is "L5?" That doesn't seem to compute.

Rechecked the year code and it's "L 5". The badge doesn't appear to have been made up of parts. The shield is well-riveted to the wreath and of the same quality. I don't think the Finns would be anticipating the post-war market.

I never promised this would be easy!

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