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Hello Gentlemen,

Im trying to identificate the decorations in ribbon bar of Luftwaffe Ministerialdirektor Willy Fisch.

Can anyone help me ?

Here goes the short biography of him, maybe can help.

Born: 12 Sep 1886 in Berlin

Died: 26 Jul 1963 in Rosenheim


F?hnrich (21 May 1906)

Leutnant (27 Jan 1907)

Oberleutnant (04 Jul 1914)

Hauptmann (18 Aug 1915)

Charakter als Major (30 Sep 1919)

Ministerialrat (01 Oct 1919)

Ministerialdirektor (03 Mar 1933)

Major der Reserve (01 Apr 1938)

General Intendente (00 Sep 1941)


Entered the Army as Fahnenjunker and Company-Officer in the 2nd Railway-Regiment (25 Sep 1905-17 May 1907)

Company-Officer in the 1st Railway-Regiment (18 May 1907-16 Sep 1909)

Company-Officer in the 4th Telegraph-Battalion (17 Sep 1909-08 Mar 1911)

Detached to the Instruction ans Test Institute for Military Flight Matters, D?beritz (09 Mar 1911-10 Dec 1912)

Detached to the 1st Telegraph-Battalion (11 Dec 1912-21 Mar 1913)

Company-Officer in the 1st Telegraph-Battalion (22 Mar 1913-30 Sep 1913)

Adjutant of the 3rd Inspection of Telegraph Troops (01 Oct 1913-01 Aug 1914)

Pilot in the 29th Flying-Battalion (02 Aug 1914-07 May 1915)

Flight-Radio-Operator with Army-Flight-Park 7 (08 May 1915-19 Aug 1915)

Pilot with the 29th Flying-Battalion (20 Aug 1915-05 Sep 1915)

Leader of the Radio-Command with the Inspection of Flying Troops (06 Sep 1915-30 Sep 1916)

1st Adjutant of the Inspection of Flying Troops (01 Oct 1916-24 Sep 1917)

Advisor in the War Ministry (25 Sep 1917-31 Jan 1919)

Granted Leave (01 Feb 1919-30 Sep 1919)

Retired (30 Sep 1919)

Entered Reichs Service as Geheimer Regierungs und Vortragender Rat, later Ministerialrat in the Reichs Transport Ministry, and Representative of German Aviation with the International Warrenty Committee and on the International Aviation Conference (01 Oct 1919-31 Jan 1933)

Transferred to the Luftwaffe with Special Duties of the RLM (01 Feb 1933-02 Mar 1933)

Chief of the General Air Office LB/RLM (03 Mar 1933-08 May 1945)

Called Up as Reserve-Officer to the Staff of Air-Region-Command Belgium-North France (27 Apr 1942-14 Jul 1942)

In Captivity (08 May 1945-1947)

Released (1947)

THx a lot in advance

Picture is from the Axis Biographical Research

Edited by Alexandre

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Fisch had a VERY strange career indeed!

On his ribbon bar-- not all of which is even shown in the portrait above from the Biblio Generals series--

1) Iron Cross 2nd Class 1914

2) saxon Albert Order-Knight 2nd Class with Swords (SA3bX) 16.06.15 as Oberleutnant in Feldflieger Abteilung 29

3) ? Bavarian Military Merit Order 4th Class with Swords (BMV4X) ?

4) Mecklenburg Strelitz Cross for Distinction in War 2nd Class end of 1917 as Hauptmann and Adjutant of Telegraph Btn 1, commanded to the War Ministry (Strelitz Rolls will be published in 2009)

5) Saxe-Ernestine House Order-Knight 1st Class with Swords (EH3aX-- from Altenburg) 19.04.17 as Hauptmann on Staff of Inspector of Aviation Troops

6) Austro-Hungarian Military Merit Cross 3rd Class with War Decoration (?M3K)

7) Hindenburg Cross for Frontline Combatants (HCX)

8) Luftwaffe Long service (probably 18 years cross)

9) Luftwaffe long service (probably 4 years service)

10) 1938 Sudeten Medal with 1939 Prague Bar

11) Prussian Crown Order 4th Class (KO4) from before 1914

12) off the picture so ???

His service as a national civil servant should NOT have counted time towards his military service awards, but if they cheated-- as was not unknown to happen-- perhaps he had the Luftwaffe 25 and 12 instead of the 18 and 4 his military time entitled him to.

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Hi Gents,

what else did Willy Fisch get?

Did he get a Flugzeugführerabzeichen or Fliegererinnerungsabzeichen from WW I?

Is there a better picture out there from him?

Kind regards


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    • Brian, Thanks for initiating this discussion. For me, it’s a combination of the thrill of the chase, the history behind the item, and the aesthetics, although this latter factor may seem a bit strange to some. To illustrate this, the very first thing I collected as a kid in the 1950’s was a Belgian WW1 medal, for service in 1914-18, which is bell shaped, with a very striking profile of a very dignified soldier, wearing an Adrian helmet which bears a laurel wreath. It was the image that
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