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Great pics! :jumping: I've got to say this though... in that last... the officer in the background... those new peaked caps look awful!

The top is way too big! :speechless::beer:

Dan :cheers:

Fascinating picture!

And I agree with Dan about those late-Soviet, early-neo-Rusian "Viagra Hats". The bigger the hat, the smaller the ____?

But don't let them distract you from the Central Attraction, Comrade German (and what an unfortunate name)!

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Do my eyes deceive me or is he also wearing a Type 1 Bravery medal????




If you think about it, had he earned the Type 1 For Valor after 1943, it probably would have been another Glory, making him a Cavalier...he's one of those guys that didn't get awards at the right time and came close....but not close enough....to becoming a full Cavalier.


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