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New York Sale

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Some VERY VERY interesting pieces... e.g. Lenin Peace Prize anyone?

Dear Bob,

many thanks for the information, that Dimitry's catalogue is online :cheers: .

Is this possible ... :unsure: ?

2318 Order of Glory 3rd Class. Type 2. Award # 808111.

Scarce variation with serial number engraved with rotating-tool. Among the last ones

issued. Possible Afghanistan award.

I guess, that the Soviet Union did not award Glories for service in Afghanistan .... :rolleyes:

Dimitry offers two Order of Glory full cavalier sets - one for USD 30K and the other for USD 20K starting price (+ buyer' premium, fees etc.).

He also offers a Kutuzov 2cl - researched! - at a starting price of USD 15K, which is a real bargain, I guess :D :

2297 Order of Kutuzov 2nd Class. Type 2. Award # 2421.

Variation 2 (with 5-rivets on reverse). Original silver nut.

Comes with copies of official research from Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation

(include photo) ? awarded to Guards Colonel A. Eremenko, HQ Operations Dept.

Commander of 3rd Guards Tank Army (under command of legendary commander

Ribalko). English translation attached.

Also comes with Certificate of Authenticity from Paul McDaniel (high 9 out of 10

condition rating).

Condition: Excellent with medium patina. Problem free $ 15,000

Most of Dimitry's starting prices reflect the (rather high) level of the market for high-end awards, but quite a few of them (specially groups) appear at an uncommon low price.

Photographs of the items are - as usual in Dimitry's catalogues - of very poor quality ... :(

Gentlemen, what's your opinion about Dimtry Markov's New York Sale :unsure: ?

Best regards :beer:


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