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Felix Constantin Alexander Johann Nepomuk Prinz zu Salm-Salm


* Dec. 25, 1828

+ Aug. 18, 1870

Felix was born at Schloss Anholt in Westphalia on the 25th of December 1828 as the youngest son of F?rst Florentin zu Salm-Salm.
In April 1846, after attending the cadet-school in Berlin, Felix became a Second lieutenant in the Garde-
K?rassier-Regiment of the Prussian cavalry. In November 1847 he transferred to the 11th Husaren-Regiment in M?nster.
With the 11th Hussars he saw action in Schleswig-Holstein during the Prussian-Danish war of 1849, receiving a decoration for bravery. During the battle near Aarhuus on the 18th of May 1849 he left his post, took some hussars with him and attacked a much larger Danish dragoon unit. In this action Prinz zu Salm-Salm was seriously wounded and captured by the enemy. After his recovery and release he served in the Prussian Garde-Husaren-Regiment.
In June of 1854 Felix joined the Austrian army where he was commissioned in the Ulanenregiment Nr.1 as an Unterlieutenant 1st class and promoted soon to Oberleutnant. With the Austrian lancers he took part in the Franco-Austrian war of 1859 but was unable to distinguish himself.
Due to his increasing gambling debts he was compelled to resign his commission in 1861. His Father had to pay off the creditors and Felix went overseas.
On arrival in the USA, Felix joined the Union Army. He was given a colonel's commission in the staff of General Louis Blenker. In November 1862 Felix took command of the 8th New York Infantry. On June 8, 1864 he was appointed colonel of the 68th New York volunteers, serving under General James B. Steedman in Tennessee and Georgia. Toward the end of the war was assigned to a command post in Atlanta, receiving the brevet of Brigadier-General on 15 April, 1865. For a short time after the war he acted as Governor of Northern Georgia.
In the summer 1866 he travelled to Mexico and offered his services to Emperor Maximilian. Felix was made a Colonel of the Mexican National Army and appointed Aide-de-Camp to the Emperor. In this capacity he was one of the few Europeans who followed Kaiser Maximilian to Quer?taro, his last headquarters. During the siege of Quer?taro Felix distinguish himself as a commander of the Chasseurs. He led a counter attack capturing an artillery gun and several Republican soldiers including an officer. Felix zu Salm Salm was the only Mexican officer not holding a Generals' rank imprisoned at the convent of Santa Brigida with the Emperor Maximilian. Like the captured Generals, Felix was condemned to death but after international outrage, following the execution of Maximilian and two of his generals, all sentences were commuted to prison terms. Felix was sentenced to seven years but eventually the punishment was changed to a lifelong expulsion from Mexico.
November 1868, Felix was back in Europe. Again he tried to obtain an officers' appointment with the Austro-Hungarian army but was refused.December 1868 ? Felix finally gets a commission as a Major in the Prussian Army commanding a battalion of the 4th Grenadier Guards.
On the outbreak of the Franco-German in 1870 Felix was with the same Grenadier Guard Regiment commanding the F?silier-Bataillon.
On August 18 1870, during the battle of Gravelotte-St.Privat, Major Felix Prinz zu Salm-Salm received a mortal wound and died the same evening.
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:Cat-Scratch: Flashman!!! :speechless1:

Yes, Brigadier-General Sir Harry Paget Flashman - but Felix zu Salm-Salm is not fiction.

His wife Agnes (an American born daughter of a US Colonel) was, according to some sources (other sources describe it as an award for bravery), awarded the Iron Cross second class during the Franco Prussian war of 1870/71.

Agnes Leclerq Joy (*1840 in Franklin, Vermont, USA; +1912 in Karlsruhe, Baden).

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from the same source:

Felix was shot three times on August 18, 1870 at St. Privat - twice in the right arm and the third time in the chest - he died the same evening.

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Thanks for that great biography :beer:

you are welcome :cheers:

It says in Felix' biography that he was awarded the "Sternendekoration" (Star award) from the United States. Has anyone an idea what medal that could be?

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