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Show your immaculate Godet Spangen!

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Hi Laurentius,

Thanks for showing your medal bar and welcome to this very informative and interesting forum.

First of all it's quite impossible to say if this bar was really put together by a Godet bar: for sure the color of the backing (Godet used red before 1914, but a bit brighter tone of red and there always was a label with his name on such bars), the needle-catch system on the back, the fact that the EK2 1914 is not a Godet piece, are all indicators that probably this is not a Godet's bar. Furthermore the fabric on the back seems to me to be restored in a later period, but to be sure you need to put it on UV-light and check if the thread used is not post WWII.

Your bar is nevertheless a nice one... enjoy it! ;-)





Majors d. R. im Pio-Bat 17 Adolf Bliesener

(* Duisburg 27.08.1868)



Dear forumites,


My latest new entry... ;)


Godet 100% also the Feldschnalle....


Orden & Ehrenzeichen auf der Schnalle:

  • Preußen, Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse 1914 am Kämpferband (OEK 1909), E gs/S emailliert;
  • Preußen, Kgl. Hausorden von Hohenzollern, RK m. Schwertern (OEK 1789), Sv;

  • Hamburg, Hanseatenkreuz (OEK 688), E vs Ku;

  • Deutsches Reich 1933-45, Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer (OEK 3803/1);

  • Preußen, Kronen-Orden 4. Klasse (OEK 1762), Br vg teils E;
  • Preußen, Landwehr-Dienstauszeichnung 1. Klasse f. 20 Dienstjahre, nur für Offiziere (OEK 1977), S/G;
  • Österreich Kaiserreich, Militärverdienstkreuz 3. Kl. am Tapferkeitsband


  • Am 27.08.1868 in Duisburg geboren.

  • 20.09.1890: Sec.Lt. in der 2./Pi.Btl.17 Stettin

  • RL 99: Leutnant d.R. Bliesener beim Pi.Btl.17 (gemeldet beim Bez.Kdo. IV Berlin)

  • 15.06.1899: Oberleutnant d.R. Bliesener beim Pi.Btl.17 (gemeldet beim Bez.Kdo. IV Berlin)

  • RL 04: Oberleutnant d.R. Bliesener beim 1.westpreußischen Pi.Btl.17 (gemeldet beim Bez.Kdo. IV Berlin), Ldw.DA 2.Kl.

  • 17.11.1906, RL 14: Hauptmann d.R. Bliesener beim 1.westpreußischen Pi.Btl.17 (gemeldet beim Bez.Kdo. I Cassel), Kronenorden 4.Kl., Ldw.-DA 1.Kl.

  • 18.06.1915: Major d.R. Adolf Bliesener war Kdr. des (Gas) Pionier-Btls. 36.

Nach dem Krieg war er Branddirektor in Kassel.




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On ‎5‎/‎19‎/‎2017 at 09:38, Claudio said:

Another Godet but with the typical metal label on the back (Weimar republic era,  20ies). This bar is still unidentified.

Enjoy... ;)





That's a great looking Frack bar.  Pre-war; Centennial, Red Eagle and Saxon, then wartime; EK2, Wurttemburg and Bremen and then finally sew the whole thing together with a Weimar era Veteran's medal.  That is 20-25 years representing three time periods on this medal bar.

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Just now, Nicolas7507 said:

Beautiful Claudio !:o 

The top one is remarkable.:thumbup:




Jetzt weiß ich, wo die Vollrath Spange untergekommen ist ;)

Meinst Du etwa diese??? I didn't know the name of the recipient, but I missed to buy the medal bar on Ebay several years ago... just got the "feldspange"... do you know the history behind this bar and his original owner???


12er Ordenspange.jpg

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Guys, I have short question about Godet items in general. As those were more expensive than other items, would it have been more likely, that officers purchased their stuff?

For example a ribbon bar made by Godet but without any signs, that it is an officers bar.




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New entry... no label on the back, but nonetheless typical early 20ies Godet medal bar. Blue backing, Landwehr staff officer (medical? Not necessarily). I was wondering if this one is ID-able... that BMVO3X and the Lippe cross combination...have a good “viewing”!










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Very fine and I am happy, that you got this one :cheers:. It was the only lot, I would be interested in, but I was saturated for this year. Because of this before the auction I only had an unsuccessful glance on the lists. But I think, the former owner of this bar should be traceable. A navy medical officer is very likely.

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Thanks for the kind words. Actually you are right; there weren't many other interesting bars to bid on, with exception of one that had extremely interesting pre-1870/71 combination (MEZ1+2 both first type), also if not researchable. Fortunately this was successfully acquired by another GMIC member... ;-)

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