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Show your immaculate Godet Spangen!

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Not that uncommon at all. Despite the enormous number of EK2s awarded, still at best only 35% of Germans in uniform got one and not a few of them died after receipt of the medal.

I have the award roll of a Bavarian artillery battery. There are listed a couple of "old timers" who were in pre-war, made it to gefreiter and still got nothing (!) for 4 very long years of service, not even a BMVK4x!

I suspect they were not the best soldiers.

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Another recent purchase:

? Preu?en, Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse, 1914 (OEK 1909), E/S

? Deutsches Reich 1933-45, Ehrenkreuz f?r Frontk?mpfer (OEK 3803/1)

? Preu?en, Kronen-Orden-Medaille, 2. Form, 1916-18, angepr?gte, ausges?gte offene Krone (OEK 1766), Ku vg

? Ungarn, 1. Weltkriegs-Erinnerungsmedaille

The Crown Order medal is quite rarely seen on bars. Besides that the bar itself is in immaculate conditions.



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To say something more: not a native Badener (no 1902 medal!), not yet in service in 1897, so a rather young Hauptmann in WWI. Don't have the Falken roll, but... I've seen one more combination with war time BdZL and GSF, and don't think there were many more. If you ever want to get rid of that bar... ;)

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@ Jeff: spectacular bar... I really like the Ottoman orders at the end of the bar! :beer::speechless::jumping:

Here my latest purchase:

? Preu?en, Eisernes Kreuz 1914, 2. Klasse (OEK 1909), E/S

? Baden, Orden vom Z?hringer L?wen, Ritterkreuz 2. Klasse mit Schwertern (OEK 157), S/Sv

? Hamburg, Hanseatenkreuz (OEK 688)

? Deutsches Reich 1933-45, Ehrenkreuz f?r Frontk?mpfer (OEK 3803/1), Hersteller BCO Biedermann & Co., Oberkassel

? Preussen, Landwehr-DA 2. Klasse, 1913-20, Medaille (OEK 1979) Ku

? Preussen, Centenarmedaille, 1897 GBr

? Ungarn, 1. Weltkriegs-Erinnerungsmedaille



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A choice little morsel looking for a recipient's name to go with it, if the research gnomes are awake.

Is this thing for real???? :speechless1: (Sorry I ask Jeff, but this bar soooo nice. It's the proverbial "too good to be true").

I'm not asking for the name, just asking if a name be found that would match up to this bar???

Thank you

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I'd be most interested if a name can be attached to it. The group looks absolutely correct and is actually accompanied by a matching miniature set and ribbon bar (which does not include the Hindenburg Cross or Officer's Service Cross), both of which seem correct as well. It comes out an estate via an agent, so getting detailed provenance is tough.

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No such luck given the gaps in the GSF3bX list. The only BZ3bXE & GSF3bX pair I find was Korvettenkapit?n zS Henning Kurt von Falkenried (1881---- navy 1899-1920) but he served as heavy "flat fire" artillery officer on the Western Front and had NO apparent reason to get ANY Turkish awards let alone THREE.

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Hi Rick,

you looks right - it's a epson scan. It must work very hard. I think I will first scan the backsides, because you like them.

When I will start with the frontsides we will be 80 years old - can you wait????


Is that a Peter House order w/S I see???? I really like those. With or without crown? With crown it's :jumping: without crown it's :jumping::jumping::jumping: Either way I can't wait 80 years! :cheeky:

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Very nice and clean bar, Werner! :love::beer:

Here's a Godet's frackspange:

? Preu?en, Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse, 1914 (OEK 1909), E/S

? Preu?en, Verdienstkreuz f?r Kriegshilfe 1916-21 (OEK 1966)

? Preu?en, Rotkreuzmedaille 3. Klasse (OEK 1872)

? Oldenburg, Friedrich-August-Kreuz 2. Klasse am Band f?r Nichtk?mpfer (OEK 1563)

? Lippe-Detmold, Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1914-1918 am Band f?r Nichtk?mpfer (OEK 1190)

? Schaumburg-Lippe, Kreuz 4. Klasse mit Krone, Silber, (OEK 1214), insgesamt nur 11 Verleihungen, im 1. Weltkrieg eine Verleihung!!!

? Hessen-Darmstadt, Orden des Sterns von Brabant, Ritterkreuz 1. Klasse (OEK 856), gem. Nimmergut 13 Verleihungen!

? Lippe-Detmold Orden des Ehrenkreuzes, 4. Klasse mit Strahlenkranz, 2. Modell (OEK 1141)

? Spanien, Orden Isabela la Cat?lica, Ritterkreuz

? Spanien, Rot-Kreuz-Verdienstorden, Dekoration 2. Klasse

? Japan, Orden der Aufgehenden Sonne, Ordensdekoration der Ritter, 5. Klasse

Mr. Richard Lundstr?m's research (Hofkalender 1917, Seite Nr. 507):

Arthur Kunstmann, Konsul und Reeder, Stettin, born Swinem?nde 29 December 1871 received Lippe-Detmold House Order 4th class #651 on 9 November 1918. Kunstmann's Schaumburg-Lippe House Order 4th class with Crown was the ONLY award in that grade made during World War I, he received it on 10 October 1916.

Kunstmann's entry in the 1935 "Wer Ist's?"

He was Dr. phil. h.c. from the University of Greifswald, Ehrensenator of Stettin, and Pr?s. Mitglied d. Verb. Dtsch. Reeder while still Konsul of Japan, Peru, and Spain. His street address was Falkenwalderstr. 36 in Stettin.

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