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Authentication and Identification

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Is there any chance you learned gentlemen will share your impressions of this hopefully real, and hopefully identifiable bar? I know the CM2X ribbon is reversed, but everything else looks correct to this untrained eye.

Please be nice, it is Christmas and this is one of my presents :jumping: I was expecting the ubiquitous ugly necktie, so this will be a bit of an improvement over prior holidays.

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Not a chance. Godet bar, Godet back-- looks like an original Kleindekoration for a Red Cross/Volkspflege commander grade award...

but the combination and precedence make absolutely no sense.

A 1939 EK2... and TWO WW1 Ernestine Duchy awards (House Order for a Captain) AFTER the Hindenburg Cross....

Did the Ernestine Duchy rolls. Published the Ernestine Duchy rolls. :catjava:


Now the weird thing with this weird combination is the stitching on the backing is precisely what it normally is on a Godet.

My best guess is that it is a DELIBERATE "bad bar" made as some sort of shop window display example of their work. I've seen too many catalogs with similar completely impossible Real Person combinations not to think they might simply have done this as a workmanship example.

But a Real Person?

Nuh uh.

BTW-- just exactly TWO sets of the 2008 award rolls left for America del Norte and the ?/$ at better parity than it's been for years.... :rolleyes:

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OUCH. So the truth does hurt after all! :(

Back to the dealer it goes, and thanks for the insight. Christmas will be a little bleaker this year, but I expect I'll have a new ugly necktie that I can tie into a noose!

BTW, where does one go to purchase 2008 Award Rolls mentioned in your response?

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From me. :catjava:

Due to the wild fluctuations in the exchange rate, can only quote price as of exact day of a committed sale... not quote today for any order maybe months from now. If interested in all or any of those, PM me for specific day quote on a day when it's in the budget. Rate's dropped 40 cents per Eurine from where it was in the spring.... :rolleyes:

All the volumes from the 1990s are lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng out of print.

Daniel has more of ours cluttering up his living room but those are in Europe. Over here... 2 sets left.

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Hi Gents,

Thanks to all for the posts and advice. And too bad it is just a "display" bar, it is very pretty to me.

Saschaw, I can't comment on the price since it was a gift, but your post seems to imply that there is some collector value to the bar, even if it is simply a display piece. I would think that the real value would be supported by the fact it was owned by a real man, and represents his military and civil contributions, rather than just a bar cobbled together to look pretty in a windowshop. I would rather the former, but appear to own the former, if only temporarily as I plan to return it. Am I misreading this?

Thanks again for all the help and Merry Christmas. :cheers:

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