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Ribbon Bar of Adolf Galland

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Hello Gentlemen,

Im trying to create a ribbon bar of Adolf Galland, but im having troubles to identificate the second decoration showed in most pictures of him.

Anyone can help me to identificate this award ?

Sequency are :

Eisernes Kreuz 1939


Dienstauszeichnung der Wehrmacht (4 Jahre - Luftwaffe)

Spain Feldzugs-Medaille f?r Frontk?mpfer

Spain Milit?r-Medaille

Below , the picture was I create.

Thxs in advance.


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I agree with Paul, the second ribbon is the 1 Oct 38/Czech Occupation ribbon (see below). Also, you need to reverse/swap your Spanish Medala Militar and Spanish Civil War campaign ribbons.


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Alexandre, also note the ribbon illustration for the Spanish Milit?r-Medaille you show should have yellow edges, not green (see below). And the swords devices for that ribbon and that of the SCW Campaign Medal are German additions - the Spanish did not authorize swords devices for these awards (nor for the Spanish Red Military Service Cross).


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