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Polish Medal for long marital life


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Medal for long marital life

(Medal Za Dlugoletnie Pozycie Malzenskie)

There are not many nations that awarded medals for long married life. Poland was one of them.

The medal was Instituted by the act of Parliament of February 17th, 1960.

Awarded to couples who were married for at least fifty years. The only other requirement that had to be met was that the couple had at least one child, either their own or adopted.

Before this medal was instituted the couples were awarded the Cross of Merit which rather underlines the strange and varying award critaria of this medal.

The medal itself is Silver with a diameter of 35mm.

On the obverse is a cross of six equal arms with an ornament between them. In the center there is a pink medallion depicting two crossed silver roses.

On the reverse are the Letters RP (PRL until 1990) the inscription reads: ZA DLUGOLETNIE POZYCIE MALZENSKIE (for long marital life).

The Ribbon is 35 mm, pink with a white central stripe.

Mine shown here is the PRL version before 1990.

Regards Eddie

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That is a beautiful medal! I wonder how many were awarded?

No idea Paul,

I wonder if Lukaz has any info on the PRL version, the RP version is still being awarded.


No prob, your welcome.

Regards Eddie.

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