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Hero Star Group

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I have some information on this group but it is not researched, and to top it all off I forgot to write his name down before I put the set away again, so will have to have someone list it for me.

I bought this group a long time ago. If I remember correctly it cost around $2,400.00 and at the time I had a chance to buy a lone Hero Star marked II for a Russian fighter pilot but I went for the cheaper complete group. Like everyone else, should have bought both.

The information I have is that he was a Jr. Lt. Platoon Commander 225 Howitzer Artillery Reg. of the 51st Rifle Co.

This was my first HS purchase as I originally only collected Orders of Glory as they were mainly for enlisted personnel as I was in my Army hitch. I had also received a VCR with the group that was an interview with him describing exactly what he did to earn the award, and his life before and after the military. Unfortunately it is in European format and I could never play it. Now it's lost some place and I have not seen the VCR in years.

The early award date of 1940 appealed to me as I had not seen too many of the Winter War groups for sale.



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An exiting group, James. Many questions to ask, much research to do. What have you done by way of research to date?

Hi Ed

Unforturnately I have not taken the time to do any research on my groups as time has always been too short for me. I collect American, Japanese, some British and Russian medals and have just retired for the second time and will now start doing the research on the various groups.

I have some more Hero Star groups and Orders of Glory sets that I will be posting.

Is there one research service better than the rest? I have used dealers but there must be a better way.



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Major Grigorii Evseevich Nikitenko

A Ukrainian born on 22 August 1909 at Raspaseeka (now Troisk), Voroshilovgrad to a family of rural workers.

Joined the Communist Party in 1940

Graduated from the 5th Level and then worked in a brigade at a collective farm.

Enlisted in the Soviet Army in 1931 and graduated from a course for Junior Lieutenants at the Kiev Artillery School.

Veteran of the Soviet-Finnish War 1939-1940.

Platoon Commander in the 225th Howitzer Artillery Regiment, in the 51st Infantry Division, 13th Army, Northwestern Front.

His gold star (No. 495)(7 August 1940) was awarded for assisting in the breaking of the enemy defenses on the Karelian front. On February 28th 1940 the platoon under his command fired over open sights destroyinga 'dzot', two enemy mortars and a large group of enemy infantry. Although wounded, he did not leave the battlefield. His artillery platoon greatly assisted the advance of an infantry battalion.

He graduated from the Odessa Artillery School in 1941.

At the front of the Great Patriotic War in June 1941.

Commanded an artillery battery during the defense of Odessa where he was severely wounded.

Remained in the army after the war, until joining the reserves as a Major in 1948.

He retired to the city of Nikolaev and died on September 2, 1996.

Was awarded the Gold Star of a Hero of the Soviet Union, the Order of Lenin, Order of Patriotic War, 1st Class and two Orders of the Red Star.

His photo is below

Regards. Gunner 1

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