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The Oberleutnant From ... Everywhere

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Somehow Santa :cheers: was able to get through the anecdotal global warming for Christmas and bring this puzzler to live at my house:

First off-- note the BMV4X ribbon is a 25mm width meticulously folded down TIGHT to "match" all the other 15mm wide ribbons. :Cat-Scratch:

How could that common a ribbon have been out of stock? Was this guy SO desperate for a "while-you-wait" ribbon bar at the corner Ma & Pa Cigars, Watches, & Ribbon Bar Emporium that it HAD to be made this way? :speechless1:

But this now begs the question---

Was he a PRUSSIAN? :banger:

Was he a BAVARIAN? :banger:

Prussian EK2 1914

Bavarian MMO4X

W?rttemberg Friedrich Order Knight (2nd? 1st?) X

Hamburg Hanseatic CRoss

Saxon Albert Order Knight (1st? 2nd?) X

Hindenburg Cross X

Bulgarian Military Merit Order 5th Class with Crown and Swords

and that's our only rank clue, since it was usually given to German Oberleutnants

If he was a young junior Lieutenant from Bavarian Inf Rgt 4 that could account for 3 of the 6 awards (BMV4X, EK2, WF3bX). He'd have to have joined or been commissioned after the last 1911 type Luitpold army jubilee medal was handed out.

Then again, whether REGULAR or RESERVE :banger: he could well have been promoted to Captain during the war, so one of his Orders could be a "bX" and the other an "aX"-- WF3aX and SA3bX? WF3bX and SA3aX? :banger:

Needless to say, although I am not looking forward to anything else in the coming Year Of Horror, I am most assuredly looking forward to Bernd's Bavarian Rolls and Daniel's W?rttemberg.

Until then... sleepless nights... pacing the floors... wearing holes in the carpets... :cheers:

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Yeah-- that was my initial impression too. It's a strangely "broad" combination which doesn't suggest any composite divisional affiliation, and the guy was for at least part of the war only an Oberleutnant, so not a General Staff officer throughout.

An ace-- or a flicker of cigarette lighters? :cheeky:

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