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A simple EK 2 document

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Hello dear forumites,

In the last weeks i had the luck that a very good friend pointed me in the direction of a little treasure. Namely a framed EK 2 award document with unworn but patinated EK 2.

The award document is towards:

Obergefr. Wihelm Koch - 1. Goliath-Staffel/Kampfgruppe z.b.V. 1

Dated: 24 M?rz 1942

Original but faded signature from Generaloberst Friedrich Keller

The original seller had a few questions about the unit designation. When i did see it it was quite clear what this was and iff i would have the opportunity that i would buy it. And so did happen.

A bit backgorund:

A) The unit designation: Goliath Staffel is one that can be found in a few cases in relation towards the glider units that did fly Go 242's glider planes. This designation is also typical for the time ealry towards late 1942. I have never seen it earlyer or later untill this point.

B) The date is the second very important part of a interesting history. When one is a bit home in the glider history and one does see that date togheter with this unit (KGzbV 1) one should begin to think into the direction of the Northern Part of Russia, namely Cholm.

And that is correctly what it is.

THanks towards my research and connections with the glider pilots i can place this document correct in time and give it its history back.

From 19 February 1942 untill 10 Mai 1942 - Cholm was ressuplyed by Glider planes. These landings where only possible when the weather conditions where ok.

For example on 20 March 1942 - 3 glider planes did land in CHolm, One of these Go 242's where flewn by:

* Glider pilot: Gefr. Kohn Ferdinand

* Bordmechanic: Gefr. Koch Wilhelm

This Go 242 landed arround 18.50 Hours and according towards one source the load was food,medical supply's and ammunition.

It was normal that gider crews who made a safe landing where awarded the EK 2. This followed the following proces:

1) a glider did land in Cholm

2) The Kampfgruppe Scherer reported the landing towards the Luftflotte 1

3) The Luftflotte 1 did award the EK's towards the crew through 'Fernspruch'

4) A EK was handed out in CHolm as a symbolic act.

This was also the case with the glider landings from 20 March 1942. In total 3 Go 242's did land. All gliders had a crew of 2 persons. Through my research i had the opportunity to interview 2 of the 6 persons ad see there EK 2 award documents. All where awarded the EK 2 on 24 March 1942 and all documens had the same unit designation.

Then this one did come along and does fit in perfectly.

What more can we find out? The crews where trapped in Cholm once they landed and they had to fight unitll they where relieved on 5 Mai 1942. Also the crews of the 3 gliders.

On 16 April 1942 Ogefr. Wilhelm Koch (in the meantime also promoted with 1 rank) did meet his fate. He was KIA in the northern part of Cholm.

The framing, etc .... of the award document togheter with the EK 2 does point in the direction of that these pieces where send towards the next of kin and that it was held in honour.

So we can see that even a very normal small EK 2 award document can have a very interesting history. I can only advise all collectors - keep on researching and little gem's will be found along the way

And offcoarse => a big thank you towards Ian J. , Thx m8

Cordial greetings,

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Hi Friends,

Thank you for the thumbs up on the document and the research. I think this is such a occasion where history does come togheter once again and where it was possible though specialisation to add information towards small document again.

It is a luck also that the seller etc ... did keep it togheter.

I have contact with one of his former pilots (from before Cholm) and iff we are really lucky we even can find a picture from him. The glider pilot has promised me to search.

Another sad fact about Ogefr. Wilhelm Koch, he was killed in action on his 24'th Birthday. He was KIA on 16.04.1942 - that was when he did become exactly 24 years old. Sad story al the way :-(

Cordial greetings,

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Hello dear forum friends,

And here is the EK 2 document from a glide rpilot from another Go 242 who also landed on that very day in Cholm.

Check out the award date, unit designation, etc .... and you will see that history does come togheter whit a bit of luck and research :)

Cordial greetings,

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