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Hi folks,

This little cross does not show up on any of the sites I've found. It's the Bavarian Long-Service Cross, for 40 years. Paul Chepurko was able to offer a value for the cross ($465, I think), which is a handsome little piece, with the cloison?e intact. I'm wondering whether anyone can offer information about when this were issued (what years) and any other information, including the value of the 24-year cross, of which I also have an example... I do not have ribbons, but I understand they took the (fairly common) light blue/white ribbon later used in the round Bavarian service medal, which also bears an imprint of this cross.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Gene ("Hassler") Mater

PS If someone can explain the secret handshake that allows one to contribute to "the cause," I would do so... I'd like to offer additional photos. Last time I tried, the page froze! Sigh...

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Saschaw? Is that like Sasquaw (aka, "Big Foot")?

So, I guess this little guy doesn't get out much...? What about his "little brother," that I just posted? 'Seen him around before?

Gene ("Hassler" )

This is the second one I've seen-- saschaw had the other earlier this year-- that I've seen since going online in 2001. :jumping::cheers:
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