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Swedish Militars in Foreign wars


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Hi all. just want to show some rather interesting pics, theese are some of the Swedish soldiers who fought in wars in other countries

First out is Conrad Victor Ancarcrona born 1823 and died 1912 he fought in the Danish navy in the German-Danish war in 1849!

Nice uniform and orders :D

Next one has one of the longest name I?ve seen ....

He is Count Sixten Oscar Cecile Charles Emile Lewenhaupt and was sergeant at 2nd French Guards rgt in German-France war 1870-1871

born 1849-died 1916

Third one is Lt Gunnar Julius Bergstr?m who was participating in the Finnish civil war 1918 , you can see two Finnish Liberty crosses on his chest 3rd and 4th class.

more to come Christer

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Here is an interesting character, he name is Carl Mauritz Belfrage he was a Swedish Leutnant 31 Dec 1914 and left and joined the German army

I think he deserves a own page.

Joined the Inf Rgt 162 L?beck 4th July 1915

Leutnant in Rgt 9th Sept 1915

Ek II 10th Nov 1915

EK I 28th Nov 1916

Capt 5th Oct 1916

Old FAO II 6th Dec 1916

Old FAO I 6th Dec 1916

Inf Rgt 76 Hamburg 1st April 1918

ended service in Germany 31 March 1920

He also got Hamburg Cross during spring 1918

Fought in Arras 1915, Somme 1916, Yser, Cambrai among others died 1st May 1940

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Here is another fighter from a far away war.

During 1911-1915 Sweden had some officers stationed in Persia acting as Police force some of them earned the EK II and EK I during this time

Here is one of the officers

Maj Hugo Oscar Skj?ldebrand (Major at Persian Gendarmerie)

Next in line is Col Allan Robert Uggla he was Colonel in Persian Gd

All the best from Sweden if you are interested I have more photos


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Hi Christer,

Very nice photos indeed!

I see that Conrad Victor Ancarcrona wears his Danish Participation Medal for the 1848-50 Prussian-Danish war (far right on his chest on the photo).

This seems to be all the thanks he got... no Dannebrog Knight or Dannebrog Silver Cross for bravery...

I like the officers with the Persian orders - please show me more if you have...


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Out of curiosity I looked him up (read: browsed through endless lists of names written in fracture script and listed by date...) and found him:

Denmark, Dannebrog Grand Cross: 17. September 1884

Denmark, Dannebrog Silver Cross: 24. April 1898

So it is quite an interesting photo showing a foreigner wearing the Dannebrog Silver Merit Cross (normally reserved for Danes, the Royal Family and 'special circumstances').

Especially interesting because he didn't earn it during the 1848-50 war where the Dannebrog Silver Cross was used as a bravery decoration - mostly because we had nothing else...


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Impressive pics Christer! If you want to share more I'd be more than happy. :jumping:

Mike: C.V. Ancarcrona got more than the grand cross. He was also a holder of the Order of the Elephant too. In the war of 1849 he was a "secundl?jtnant" on the "Skjold" and later on the "Eidern". Later in life he was a big fish at the royal court.


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I don't have the year of the awarding. It's not mentioned in the army list of 1901, but is mentioned in the order book printed in 1907. That's about as close as I can get without digging in other places.


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Happy New year everyone!

Here is some other fighters.

First Boris Fredrik Gotthard M?ller born 1879 died 1963

Colonel in Persian Service

And next one is Ernst Mattias Peter von Vegesack who fought on the Union side in Americas civil war, he ended up as BrigaderGeneral in the Union Army!

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Great pictures. Where have you picked all these up?

Stefan - Post your(s). You know the one I'm talking about. :(

Ok, here is my latest finding. Pousette was in Persia and then fought with the Germans on the Turkish front. He also got some non-combat Finnish medals - the white rose and a "civil guard" medal.


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