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Blockade Breaker set. Operation Berlin.

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Wasn't expecting these until the New Year but they sneaked in just in time to make it in 2008.

Despite the names on the documents, they refer to the same ship. Ermland was originally a Hamburg Amerika Line ship but was renamed Weserland just before being taken on strength with the Kriegsmarine.

The dates of the docs tie in with Ermland's sortie as a support ship for Scharnhorst and Gneisenau during the successful "Operation Berlin" during which the battlecruisers travelled nearly 18,000 miles and destroyed/captured 22 enemy ships.

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Great group, Gordon!! Can you tell me what MPA means on the EK2 doc?

Also, Rick, how do you know this? Very interesting...

The file reference number on the bottom left of that EK document appears to indicate that the award was classified secret. :ninja:

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