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Soviet & Eastern Block Quiz - 2009

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Soviet & Eastern Block Quiz - 2009 - Season 4

Soviet & Eastern Block Trivia

After the success of the Soviet & Eastern Block Quiz "2006-2007" (Seasons 1 & 2) and "2008" (Season 3), I am relaunching here a new edition for 2009 (Season 4).

This new Quiz is the successor of the first editions of the Quiz you can find here :

2006-2007 : http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=3144

2008 : http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=24290

The rules remain the same.

This sort of quiz or trivia game has been very successful on other forums, and here also it has been very educative (and fun!)...

The topic is wide enough (Soviet Union & former Eastern Block Countries' history, people, awards...), to allow each of us to find answers and ask for new challenges...

All Forum members are eligible to participate, but there needs to be a few ground (and "classical") rules so there is no confusion among Forum members.

1. Discuss only one trivia item at a time so as not to confuse what is being discussed with other Forum members.

2. Once a Forum member guesses the correct trivia question, that member can then post their trivia question. Or if they wish can pass it on to another Forum member.

3. To ensure we keep this thread friendly, there should be no heckling, bantering, quarrelling or arguing with another person when he or she does not correctly answer the trivia question. Never forget we are amongst Gentlemen (or -women).

4. The trivia question must have a connection to the Soviet Union & former Eastern Block Countries, as it is the purpose of this Forum. The trivia could involve history, people, awards, badges or items. The trivia question needs to relate to a timeframe. For example, when was this award first established? Or When did East Germany come into existence?

5. When the question is answered, the original poster should give background about the fact, the person, the item in question.

6. No posting items to just show you have one unless its adds to the post that is being discussed or shown.

This thread is for all of us to have some fun and at the same time educate ourselves and learn differently about Soviet Union & Eastern Block Countries.

Have fun and enjoy this thread along with making new Forum friends!!!

So, now, let's play !


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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

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Here are all the topics dealt through our questions and answers of this Quiz.

To find easily a post, please use the following link, in replacing the last figure 1 by the number of the post you are looking for :

<a href="http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=33082&st=1" target="_blank">http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=33082&st=1</a>

Example : <a href="http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=33082&st=98" target="_blank">http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=33082&st=1498</a> will drive you to post #98

Are shown below :

<b>* Subject / question dealt - Number of the post where has been asked the question.</b>

Awards / Orders & Medals

* Bulgaria - Bulgarian HSUs - #356

Personalities (Awards)

* USSR - Leonid Brezhnev - #362

* USSR - Mikhail Mukhonov - #194

* USSR - Marshal Nikolai Voronov - #213

* USSR - 4 Generals & War prestigious orders - #35

* USSR - Soviet Commanders & the Order of Victory - #28

Personalities (Identification)

* Bulgaria - Georgi Ivanov - #349

* DDR - Gunther Schabowski - #316

* France - Jean-Loup Chrétien - #343

* USA - Robert Hanssen - #41

* USSR - Rudolf Abel - #172

* USSR - Flegont Bassin - #60

* USSR - Mikhail Gorbachev - #164

* USSR - Nikolay Harlamov - #150

* USSR - Timofei Khryukin - #320

* USSR - Major Grigorii Kravchenko - #326

* USSR - Lydia Livyak + Marina Raskova - #336

* USSR - Major general Aleksandr Lizyukov - #107

* USSR - Kiril Meretskov - #254

* USSR - Pavlik Morozov - #243

* USSR - Lidia Pereprygina - #259

* USSR - Yevgeny Petrov - #80

* USSR - Nikolai Polikarpov - #115

* USSR - Roman Rudenko - #5

* USSR - Zurab Tsereteli - #46

* USSR - Marshal Sergei Varentsov - #20

Historical events

* 1918 - North Russia Campaign - #346

* 1945 - Berlin sectors - #284

* 1968 - USS Pueblo and North Korea - #85

* 2002 - Accident in Baikonur - #208

Architecture / sites

* Berlin - Berlin Wall - #308

* Chernobyl - Helicopters cemetary - #187

* Moscow - Sheremetyevo 1 airport - #128

Aircraft, weapons, military equipment...

* Ilyushin Il-80 Maxdome - #176

Other topics

* Ft Stalin - #99

* "I'm a thief" sailor - #119

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As a reminder, a few stats of the former editions of the Quiz, that will be continued in terms of good answers or "victories" :

This small game has now been launched more than 3 years ago (on 1 Nov. 2005), and since :

* 220 questions asked,

* with 2,776 answers,

* This quiz has been viewed more than 31,000 times.

* 43 Members of the Forum played, and 32 correctly answered at least 1 question :

Nb of good answers :

* 41 : Christian (Zulus)

* 40 : Christophe

* 17 : Frank (Knarf)

* 13 : Jim (JimZ)

* 11 : Bryan (Soviet) & Marc (Lapa)

* 10 : Dan (Hauptman)

* 9 : Auke (Ferdinand)

* 8 : Simon (Red Threat)

* 6 : Belaruski, Carol I & Ed (Haynes)

* 5 : Wild Card.

* 3 : Alex (RedMaestro), Andreas (Alfred), Ivan (Piramida), Kim (Kimj) & Marco (marcotk).

* 2 : Chuck (in Oregon), Gerd (Becker), Jan (vatjan) & Order of Victory.

* 1 : Brendan (ANZAC), Charles (Hunyadi), Darrell, Daredevil, Dave (Navy FCO), Dudeman, Eddie (Taz), Filip (Drugo), Rick (Stogieman) & Steen (Ammentorp).

This is a great achievement. Thanks to all for your participation in this Quiz, and I hope it will be the same in the new one. :jumping::beer:



Edited by Christophe
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Ok, let's start...

Question #221

Who am I ?

I'm famous for a specific task I filled after the Great Patriotic War. During this task, I demonstrated a real hypocrisy.

3 questions :

1. Who am I ?

2. What was this task / mission ?

3. What was the hypocrisy about ?

The first Member having answered correctly these 3 questions will be the winner.

Good hunt and good luck. :rolleyes:


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I think it's a Lieutenant-General of Judiciary... A wild guess, but could it be Yevlampy Lavrovich Zeidin, after the war Deputy Minister of Justice, Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Soviet Union and Head of the Main Directorate of Military Tribunals?

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My final guess is Afanasy Petrovich Vavilov. Between 1950 and 1953 he was Chief Military Prosecutor and at the same Deputy Prosecutor-General of the USSR. But I have no idea regarding the hypocrisy... Maybe it was that he was charging Germans of the same atrocities that the Soviets committed in 1945?

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Hi Auke,

All this is very good reasoning and thinking, but he is not Vavilov...

Your way of adressing the question is the right one, but you did not find the right guy. Just keep in minf (and that's a hint) that the task I am thinking about is very close to the end of the war, in terms of date.

Keep searching, you will find!!!! :beer:



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Of course! :speechless: I even asked a question about Nikitchenko once in another quiz.

Could the hypocrisy be that he headed the notorious show trials in the late 30's, whereas he was pledging for justice while trialling the enemy at Nuremberg?

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Hi Alex and Auke,

You are very very close, but he is not Nikitchenko, and Auke remarks about his rank are valid...

You are so close that I'm not sure I can help you more. Let's jus throw a final hint : "Katyn"...

Good hunt and good luck. This challenge should not last vry long now. :rolleyes:

And, below is a pic of Nikitchenko.



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Okay, final try..., Roman Andreyevich Rudenko?

He was the Soviet Chief Prosecutor at the main trial of the major Nazi war criminals at the Nuremberg Trials and Chief Prosecutor at the Trial of the Sixteen.

The hypocrisy was that he was also an active participant of the Katyn massacre, but during the Nuremberg Trials he tried to indict Germany for the Katyn killings.

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Thanks :beer:

A new question. Who am I?

I had risen to the highest rank, but in March 1963 my HSU title, Gold Star and Order of Lenin were revoked and I was demoted to Major-General.

- 1) Who am I?

- 2) Why did all this happen?

Let's see if this is enough information to work with. The first person to answer both questions correctly wins.

Good luck! :cheers:

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Hi Auke,

Could he be the former KGB- and GRU-chief Ivan Alesandrovich Serov ?

This happened and was linked to the case of the GRU-Colonel Oleg Vladimirovich Penkovski, a friend of Serov.Penkovski had been a spy for the NATO inside the GRU and delivered fruitful informations for the West during Berlin-crisis (1961) and Cuba-crisis (1962). He was shot after the trail 1963 in Moscow.

A I wrong ? :rolleyes:


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The reason why is correct (involved in the Penkovsky case), but I'm looking for another man!

You're very close! :cheers:

(Interesting detail is that the man I'm looking for got his HSU on the same date as Serov - 29 May 1945 - and it was also revoked on the same date - 12 March 1963...)

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I think we are talking about Marshal Sergei Sergeyevich Varentsov (August 10th, 1901 (Dmitrov/Moscow Oblast, Russia) - March 1st, 1971 (Moscow, Soviet Union)

He got his HSU (SN 6578) on May 29th, 1945, and has been revoked on 12 March 1963 for helping Colonel O.A. Penkovsky with espionage actions.


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I think we are talking about Marshal Sergei Sergeyevich Varentsov (August 10th, 1901 (Dmitrov/Moscow Oblast, Russia) - March 1st, 1971 (Moscow, Soviet Union)

He got his HSU (SN 6578) on May 29th, 1945, and has been revoked on 12 March 1963 for helping Colonel O.A. Penkovsky with espionage actions.

Dear Christophe,

I guess, that will be your 41th victory :D - congratulations :cheers::jumping:

Best regards :beer:


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