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My Swedish miniature bar

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Thought I would kick off the new year by showing this Swedish miniature bar. Not really directly my field of interest (Danish ODMs), but the couple of Danish miniatures had me going for it.

It belongs to an - apparently compassionate - Swede (name unknown), with all the Red Cross related awards.

The ODMs are (I apologize if the english translations are not 100% the correct one):

1. Sweden. Home Guard Medal of Merit in Gold

2. Sweden. Swedish Red Cross Medal of Merit in Gold

3. Sweden. Swedish Red Cross Medal of Merit in Silver

4. Sweden. Swedish Civil Defense Assoc. Medal of Merit in Silver

5. Sweden. Swedish Civil Defense Assoc. Badge of Merit in Gold

6. Sweden. Swedish Red Cross Badge of Merit

7. Sweden. Unknown

8. Denmark. Medal of Liberty - Pro Dania

9. Denmark. Danish Red Cross Badge of Honour

10. Norway. Order of St. Olav

11. Norway. Norwegian Red Cross Badge of Honour

12. Finland. Order of Liberty

13. Finland. Winter War Commemoration Medal (in bronze for foreigners)

14. France. Legion of Honour

15. Belgium. Order of Leopold I

16. Poland. Polish Red Cross medal

17. Greece. Greek Red Cross medal (with 2 stars on ribbon)

Some of the ribbons are a bit faded on the front - especially the blue colour.

What I would like to know is - of course - who the recipient was, although I don't expect anyone here to come up with an answer. I know the Danish Red Cross award (no. 9) has only been awarded 51 times (until 1990), but I don't know of any official lists of recipients. Ah, well... something to do in the new year :)

But maybe you gentlemen can answer these questions:

What is award no. 7?

The reverse is blank but with Swedish hallmarks. It is obviously Swedish but what is it?

What does the 2 stars on the Greek Red Cross ribbon signify?

I'll post a closeup of the unknown Swedish award in the next post.


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Hello Mike!

I think you have G?teborgs stads f?rtj?nsttecken (1948-04-29, 819 recipients to date) as medal number 7 on your bar. The ribbon is faded, but it should be looking like this;

By the look of the other Swedish medals, it seems like they date from 1950-1973 (Gustaf IV Adolf).

PM me your e-mail address if you?re interested in the list of the recipients of the Gothenburg medal, as well as the statutes.


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Fantastic :)

GRA, you are right - the ribbon is blue and white striped (the reverse is much fresher in color).

Kim, thanks for the link to the list. The miniature is marked D9 which should be 1954. There are only 18 recipients from 1954 on the list, but I'll research those from 1955 and 1956 as well (since I assume the hallmark is when the badge was made, not when it was awarded?).

I'm off to my library to investigate further... thanks a lot gentlemen :)


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Göteborgs Stads förtjänstmedalj from medalj.nu:




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