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Lazy Legionnaires....

Chris Boonzaier

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How often did I see it.... :-)

The guys who had one class A shirt prepped for use (ie, all 15 pleats ironed in, all the loops sewn on for the cloth insignia and metal badges....)

Into town on the weekend, picked up by the PMs and tossed into the slammer for the weekend....

Monday morning 6am released to the company to pass in front of the captain... not a clean shirt to be found anywhere.... Ironing pleats like crazy.... no time to do the loops.....

Quickly grabbing a Bic lighter and some plastic "Q-tips" .... and whammo.... the lazy mans press studs.....

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This "tactic" has been widely used in the french army during the mid 50's till late 60's. Burned para cord (when available) or heated laces were used as glue. I found many fatigue shirts, jackets and even "class A" with insignias fixed like that.



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